Friday, September 25, 2009

Changes Galore!!

As you can see, I have changed the template on my beloved blog!! :) I used to feel the old one was too plain; but the new one I think is looking too full! Is it really loads of things on one page? Or am I feeling it as opposed to its blank empty look! [And Yes, I am huge lover of black and purple, what, I can't be??]

Help!! :)

Suggestions are welcome, and all those who are Pro's with blogger, tell me if I've done anything wrong, or if there is more for me to do!!

O ya, before I forget! Samadrita, Thank You for my First Award!! And Sid, I shall do the tag soon!! Thanks for my first tag too!! :D

P.S: Samadrita: I will do the formal thank yous and posting of the Award a little bit later!

P.P.S: Major plans this weekend! Will tell you about it once I'm done with it!!

*Hugs* *loads of them* *kisses* *loads of them too*

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It just isn't the same!

Another Blast from the Past!

This weekend of the many many things I did, I also met with one of my closest friends from Bangalore! I was meeting her after a couple of years. Strange, I was in B'lore till about 5 months earlier and we hadn't met once. And now, in another place, another place in life we meet.

You cannot help but notice how much the other person has changed from the last time you met them. We used to be "best friends" in school. We used to do everything together, used to tell everything to each other. There wasn't a single thing about each other that we didn't know. We even fell in "love" (who knows what love was when they're in class 9-10) with the same guy! :P :). Yes, it did create an awkwardness later; but we worked it out. Then, something happened. Till this day, I have no idea regarding what the something was, but the events that followed that "something" was very disturbing to my entire being, that we drifted apart.

After class 10 we were in different junior colleges, and the worlds we lived in were very apart. Most of my friends/fellow school mates were together with me in junior college, and everyone knew we used to be best friends, and everyone always asked me how she was doing, what she was doing and those other questions people always ask during small talk. Yes, we were in touch again, and we knew what the other was doing, but it wasn't the same.

I had many many many other friends, and so did she. We met few times, we updated each other about all major events in life like - getting asked out, saying yes, examination results, winning the dance competition, buying a new two wheeler, breaking up, getting back, health of family, what our brothers are doing, and wishing each other on birthdays, new years, valentine's and friendship days. But, it wasn't the same. There was a proverb which she had told me when we were in class 8 - "Friendship is like a vase, once broken can be rejoined, but the crack remains!" I tried very hard to correct it, to make things back to how it was, I couldn't.

Now, after 7 years of not being "best friends" to still be able to connect with each other feels wonderful! Busy in lives of our own, to take time out, sit by the sea with the waves hitting the shore and the wind touching your cheek ever so softly and sharing thoughts and ideas about life is a peaceful feeling.

the two of us with the sea was in front of us :)

Today, I am happy it isn't the same. Because if it was, then we couldn't have experienced something so beautiful. The best part still, is to be able to sit with each other, not say a thing, and still feel the other persons presence. We aren't those girls who used to stand next to each other in the assembly in school every morning; we aren't those who sit next to each other at lunch every afternoon; we are not the girls who walk around the school campus dragging the cycle every evening; well, not anymore! But we still are those girls who at the end of every telephonic conversation fight about who's going to cut the call, and then alternatively say 1,2,3 and simultaneously "bye" and cut the call together - something we have been doing from when we were in class 4!! :) :D

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Do you Plan?

Just a thought!

When we plan for life, what is it that we are really trying to achieve?

And what about the plan Life has for each one of us?

Which plan are we moving according to?

And why is planning necessary, or is it??

Well these thoughts made their way into my head today, again! I wanted to put them down before I forget!! By the way, I had an amaazing weekend!!! Danced for about 2-2n a half hours without a break after a loong time!!! :D I love dancing and will do something about it; *plan, but too sceptical to use that word here!!*

Since this post is mainly of questions; I'd like yo know if you had answers;;

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I Cannot believe I Just did that! Part Deux & The Tattoo Taboo

No, this isn't another post about how everything i typed disappeared. This is a post where I talk about doing something I have never done before. Before, you all think of some heroic stunt I might have pulled off, let me assure you, what I did has nothing to do with any achievement of any sort.

I went to see "THE UGLY TRUTH" all alone! :D

I have always wondered how someone can go to the movies all by themselves? I have always, always had someone I could take along and the concept of going alone was an alien one. More often than not, I used to see movies with groups of friends. And there are movies which I've seen with my special someone, and those which I've seen with my closest friends. But never alone. [I think I already made that point]

I loved the experience; I didn't think I would, but I did! And I want to thank Gerard Butler for that! He is simply Amazing!!!! How can anyone not love him?? I liked him in 300, then P.S I Love You happened. Having read that book, I had loads of expectations from it. It didn't live upto all of them, but Gerard Butler was the best Jerry there could ever be!! And in the Ugly truth, When he says all men want is lust and sex and to take control; you actually want to listen to him.. ;-)!!!

So, I'm done with the I cannot believe I did that portion.

In my previous post(which I couldn't post) I wanted to talk about tattoos too. One of my dear friends in Mumbai, got one done recently and me being someone who has always wanted to get one, was totally jealous happy and excited for him! All my conversations on saturday revolved around tattoos.

Being a Hindu Indian girl, getting a tattoo, is not seen well in the society. 9 out of 10 times people(not girls alone) are judged because they have a tattoo. One conversation with my cousin that day went like this:

me: " wish i could get my tattoo and not have anyone judge me"

S: if you really want one; get it done.

me: I know, I will. Just hope dad says its ok for me to get one.

S: Big deal; my colleague has one on her ankle, so, whenever she's at home she always wears trousers or skirts which go upto her ankle.

me: thats the whole point!! why should I get one, and then hide it? especially with family!

S: yeah! u're right, why should you?

After a couple of minutes;

S: you can get one at the back of your neck and leave your hair down at work and home!

me: Well!! what does that prove? same point!
S: O yeah!!

See! Its the corporate world and all that, and there is now rule in the rule book at office which says you shouldn't get a tattoo; but if you meet someone new at work, and they haven't seen you perform but they have seen your tattoo, then they have that preconceived image of what kind of person they think you are going to be!!

It isn't fair, is it? The choice to show or hide something as personal as a tattoo should be yours and not people around you, right? Well, thats what I think! As for me getting a tattoo, albeit the pain while getting it done, it will happen soon. Yes, I did mean that I am going to get a tattoo!!!!

I wanted something small yet exotic. Chinese symbol for love? peace? Or an Aquarius symbol?? O, I don't know! But it'll be on me - soon! [definition of soon is relative isn't it? a couple of weeks, a couple of months,a couple of years]

What do you think about getting one? and if you already have one, help me decide and give me the Do's and Dont's!!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!! Hope You have a Fab week!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

I Cannot believe I Just did that!

I just typed a long, very long post. All my thoughts were flowing like some river with its ice cap just melted! :P

Then?? I didn't save it, nor was it auto-saved[I wonder how] And I happened to click on Layout for some totally silly reason.

And it disappeared!!! :'( All of it!! :'( :'( :'((((

I truly cannot believe I did that!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Being Able!

First and foremost, I think I am over using the Exclamation mark and I should stop!!! O what the heck! :)

The shifting of houses will happen mid-September, so, right now, is supposed to be shopping for the house time! This is the first time I'll be doing this, but surprisingly there's no apprehension. I am just simply excited and I think its a good thing!

I have always been someone who'd do anything for a friend! [I think I've mentioned this in earlier posts, and I don't mean to stress - I'm going somewhere with this :P]
Anything. As long as I can do it, or it is in my capacity to do it. Off late, I haven't been giving this my hundred percent to it. And I don't know why. No actually I do! I simply didn't feel like doing it. Helping a friend is one thing, doing something they want you to do, just because they don't want to do it[when it is really their work] is another.

In such a case, why is that I become the wrong one????? Arghh!! Never mind, somethings just don't change. Again, Right or wrong isn't definite right? It depends on people's perceptions. My right might not be your right.[if you're standing in front of me, then my right is your left :P, (sorry, bad joke)]

Its Sunday!! Why am I talking of stuff like this? I must sound all happy and cheerful! Well, I am happy and cheerful, because I could take that particular decision of not doing the thing my friend wanted me to do. I stood my ground and didn't give in to my habit of Yes, Surely, I'll do it for you! [P.S Friend, If you're reading this - I am extremely sorry for not doing it. It was for your career and I felt, I shouldn't be doing it - Principles I have started following]

Nevertheless, I couldn't meet up with "the guys" today for our weekend activity *lol*. I downloaded the complete WWE Summer Slam for one of them, but I couldn't go give it to him, and *sadly* he too is mad at me. But I am planning to give them a lunch surprise tomorrow! Hope it works out!! *Fingers crossed*

Its ADAM's[from the SKARD fame] birthday today!!!! Happy Birthday Darling!! You'll always be special!! Muaaah!! I wish I was In Bijapur with him, like someone else ;-), but its ok I guess!

Well, lots more happening this month! I'll be going to GOA with my girl friends, end of this month!!! Yaaay!!!!! I so need a break, haven't had one since almost two years!! Well hopefully this materializes, end of this month, or beginning of October - there are a couple of long weekends, so I wouldn't have to skip work!

Work, I have a choice to make. There are two roles I can chose from. One involves lot of customer interactions, and business development for net new clients, the other involves pricing
and financials with lesser interactions with clients(existing large clients). Both these roles have their pros and cons.
Being a naive software engineer that I am, both roles are relatively new an
d learning involved for me, both places is extremely high!

A couple of years down the line, I am looking at doin
g my MBA too. I am having a hard time deciding which role will be comparatively more beneficial to my MBA.

Lets see what happens at work on Monday, but suggestions are welcome!

I am feeling very good after writing all this, Like you already see, words as a form of life, is such a wonderful thing! No, Not my blog[ok maybe that too] but in the actual sense of it!

I'd love to write about love, and what impact my relationship has had in my life, but I don't want to. I have moved on and though the memories will always remain, I am a new person today. I have grown up. I never know, I might change my mind[regarding writing about it, not the relationship :P ;-) ] and someday write about all those beautiful and not so beautiful things that come packaged with "love".

I have nothing else to say! But I have loads of stuff to read! Blogs by all wonderful people! I am cursing myself for not having done this earlier. Better late than never,huh?

I am yet to comprehend the concept of awards, and other tagged posts. TMI Thursdays, all of them are hilarious reads, and if I could I'd give them the Best *Grossing Out and Burst With Laughter* Award - if there was such a thing!

Happy Sunday People! And loads of Love!! Muaaaaaaah!!!!

P.S I just read this tweet by Anthony Robbins :" A Rich man is nothing but a poor man with money! " I kinda liked it! yeah just kinda!

Friday, September 4, 2009


Yay! its the weekend!! :)

I haven't planned anything as of yet, I want to get ok soon!

The house I wanted - I am getting to live there!! Yay!! Ok, I'll have to live with three other girls instead of just two, but I guess that perfectly alrite!!

Many of my plans for the near future are based on living in the new place, And once I shift, I'll pour in the details for that!!!

I am having a wonderful time reading blogs by beautiful writers all around the world, and somehow, It makes me want to say, Thanks! For letting me read it!


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I think I am in Love!

Ha ha ha! Made you look! ;-)!

How many times have you thought to yourself - this? That you are in Love. It needn't be love wit someone of the other gender alone, but in love with people in general or even things. I remember looking at a very adorable looking dog and the First thing that hit me was - I think I'm in Love.
Even better, after you've read a book, a very very nice book, hasn't that thought creeped into your heads? That maybe, just maybe, you are in Love.

I have, many many many many and many number of times, well thought that I am in LOVE! And I think its perfectly ok when it is the dog, or some character in a book, or
a movie, or even a TV show[p.s i thought I was in love with Willis in "Different Strokes" when I was a kid, and had dreamt of growing up and getting married to him (you many now laugh out loud) and during high school it was obviously Steve ( how could anyone not love him) -D.J's boyfriend from "Full House" and more recently both Dawson and Pacey from duhhh! Dawson's Creek - Yes, I refuse to grow up from teen sitcoms :P] Yes, it really is OK to 'think' you're in love with them!!

But what if, that thing you're in love with [if only in your head] is not a thing or a piece of fiction? What if it is a friend? What if it is a friend's boyfriend? What if it is a married man? What then? Now, you very well know, that things are not going to work out, coz obviously, your love for that person isn't the forever kind, it is just the spur of the moment kind. Is it wrong? I mean, I love my friends, the way everyone loves their friends, but here I am talking about something completely different.

Having more guy friends than girls has left me in some sort of a dilemma. I don't really get some girl advice, when I really need one. The guys are great and all, but how can a guy possibly answer this question. Or can they?

Well, like I have clarified, I don't think I am in "love" with anyone right now. Neither the forever kind, nor the spur of the moment kind. It was just a thought I got today, sitting at home the whole day and reading about other people's love stories. [I am so in love with the love story project] and this thought just came to my head, like it has always creeped into my head several thousand times over the years.

I am at home because I am sick. And I am hating every bit of being sick! Weird thought I get.
I want to be either totally completely sick or be totally completely fine. This in between thing is not my cup of tea!! Urghhh!!

Thats it for now! I am going to turn my laptop off now! Else I will be definitely hung up on the Word Challenge on FB or playing UNO!

Love[the friend kind, he he he]