Monday, September 21, 2009

Do you Plan?

Just a thought!

When we plan for life, what is it that we are really trying to achieve?

And what about the plan Life has for each one of us?

Which plan are we moving according to?

And why is planning necessary, or is it??

Well these thoughts made their way into my head today, again! I wanted to put them down before I forget!! By the way, I had an amaazing weekend!!! Danced for about 2-2n a half hours without a break after a loong time!!! :D I love dancing and will do something about it; *plan, but too sceptical to use that word here!!*

Since this post is mainly of questions; I'd like yo know if you had answers;;


  1. Well..good question. I don't know that we should plan so much- but at least have a set of things you'd like to do and/or accomplish in your life. Much like a "bucket list". I also think that Life doesn't really have a plan for you. I think the plan is for you to figure out..and by that I mean figure out what you want to do. Do all of the things you really want to so that you have no regrets at the end, whenever that may be. :)

  2. Wow! I like that - the plan is for you to figure out! Thanks Sara!! :D Nice way of putting it!! :)

  3. Half the time plans are meant to be cancelled..u just have to keep having back ups all the time..but then that also fail most of the times :D

  4. Good questions.

    We know, all of us plan a lot of things in life but not everything that we plan can actually happen since that is usually when life throws down its hammer and force its plan to us. In the end it's how we cope with it, and how we survive :)

    ps. DANCING is the BEST!:)

  5. I don;t really know. It never happens if I plan something, I just leave it. If something has to happen, it will happen. Nothing at all would stop that, how many plans do I make, it doesn't matter at that time

  6. let me plan abt it...n then i ll answer u.... khe khe khe... ;)

    haf fun

  7. hey.. nice blog!

    well.. i think however u plan your life.. the life has its own set of plans for you. tht s what i think.. so we only plan to see if our plan matches with tht of life's. if it does.. then it means tht we have started to understand life.. if not.. then probably, life thinks tht our plan is S#!t and has something better in store for us!
    thts the way i see it! :)


  8. Dont plan. Whatever interesting happens in life-attribute it to your 'planning' ;)

  9. thanks for leaving a comment!
    also, planning is good as long as it gives you direction but totally sticking to your plans even if your heart isn't there is BAD!
    I'm not sure if I make any sense but that's just what I think?!?

  10. Planning is necessary in life but if you ask, ‘to what extent?’ Answer depends on place, time and person.

  11. Planning gives us a feeling of control, we may know and expect curves but the plan gives most people a feeling of security, even the action/statement of saying I have no plans is a 'plan' for how you intend on living your life!