Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It just isn't the same!

Another Blast from the Past!

This weekend of the many many things I did, I also met with one of my closest friends from Bangalore! I was meeting her after a couple of years. Strange, I was in B'lore till about 5 months earlier and we hadn't met once. And now, in another place, another place in life we meet.

You cannot help but notice how much the other person has changed from the last time you met them. We used to be "best friends" in school. We used to do everything together, used to tell everything to each other. There wasn't a single thing about each other that we didn't know. We even fell in "love" (who knows what love was when they're in class 9-10) with the same guy! :P :). Yes, it did create an awkwardness later; but we worked it out. Then, something happened. Till this day, I have no idea regarding what the something was, but the events that followed that "something" was very disturbing to my entire being, that we drifted apart.

After class 10 we were in different junior colleges, and the worlds we lived in were very apart. Most of my friends/fellow school mates were together with me in junior college, and everyone knew we used to be best friends, and everyone always asked me how she was doing, what she was doing and those other questions people always ask during small talk. Yes, we were in touch again, and we knew what the other was doing, but it wasn't the same.

I had many many many other friends, and so did she. We met few times, we updated each other about all major events in life like - getting asked out, saying yes, examination results, winning the dance competition, buying a new two wheeler, breaking up, getting back, health of family, what our brothers are doing, and wishing each other on birthdays, new years, valentine's and friendship days. But, it wasn't the same. There was a proverb which she had told me when we were in class 8 - "Friendship is like a vase, once broken can be rejoined, but the crack remains!" I tried very hard to correct it, to make things back to how it was, I couldn't.

Now, after 7 years of not being "best friends" to still be able to connect with each other feels wonderful! Busy in lives of our own, to take time out, sit by the sea with the waves hitting the shore and the wind touching your cheek ever so softly and sharing thoughts and ideas about life is a peaceful feeling.

the two of us with the sea was in front of us :)

Today, I am happy it isn't the same. Because if it was, then we couldn't have experienced something so beautiful. The best part still, is to be able to sit with each other, not say a thing, and still feel the other persons presence. We aren't those girls who used to stand next to each other in the assembly in school every morning; we aren't those who sit next to each other at lunch every afternoon; we are not the girls who walk around the school campus dragging the cycle every evening; well, not anymore! But we still are those girls who at the end of every telephonic conversation fight about who's going to cut the call, and then alternatively say 1,2,3 and simultaneously "bye" and cut the call together - something we have been doing from when we were in class 4!! :) :D

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!