Saturday, July 10, 2010


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I have been FAT, for a very long time now!

I have tried many many many ways of losing the extra weight. What I lack?


As I have mentioned, In some of my previous posts, I have been unnecessarily procrastinating this activity.

The problem is, I have done everything I could, but since I don't see quick results, or results of How I want things to be,I lose the interest, and all the hardwork goes downhill.

In this whole procedure, back of the mind there has always been a WISH. At every stage of life, there has been a wish related to weight loss. I don't know, if it is a fat person thing, or just me, but I very sheepishly want to put my list here. My list of my imaginations,or my wishes.

1. This one is the oldest - One Day I get up, go see the mirror, and all the Fat is *whoosh* gone!
[ Like one of those movies like - Big (Tom Hanks) or Thirteen going on 30 ]

2. This one is the same as the first one, but it always has different stories each time I wish for it - I get something magical, or I meet someone - a magician or a tarot card reader - who'll do some spell on me and *whoosh* the FAT is all gone!!

3. This one is sorta crazy - I am kidnapped by the human trafficking mafias of the world, and since FAT me is of no use to them, they make me starve, by making me unconscious for 6 months, and I get up 6 months later and *whoosh* the FAT is gone!!! :P [ and the scary part is now they get to use me! :( ]

4. This one - You decide - I am travelling in a local train in Mumbai, and it gets bombed. I almost die. But someone similar to me really dies. The cops mistake her for me, and declare me dead. Her family takes me away(I am all burnt, so they don't recognize) And every single time ( of my imagination ) they take me to a different exotic location. There they do a cosmetic surgery on me, and I retain my eyes and my smile and most of my face, but *whoosh* the FAT is all gone!!

5. This is a recurring one - I get some major disease and become very weak. The medicines I take give me energy ONLY by burning my FAT. So, by the time I'm well, *whoosh* the FAT is all gone!!

6. This one is more recurring - One a perfect day, i.e when it is not my birthday, or anyone else's in the near future, and I'm with family or friends. I have to cross the road to reach them. When I'm crossing, I get hit by a truck . The family ( I have to live, so someone I know has to be around in my imagination every single time ) rushes me to the hospital. The doctors operate on me. Once out of the operation theater, he says, "Thank god! she's alive, but thats only because of the FAT. It was holding her organs and bones together. Now, I have removed it all; and her body is perfect" and I get up after a week to see *whoosh* the FAT all gone!! - Why a day when no one's birthday is close by is because, I love celebrating Birthdays, and I can't think of being in a hospital on any of my friend or relative's birthday! :P

7. This is my favorite - Science creates a medicine that I take, and in a month or two, all the FAT is dissolved and out of my system and my skin remains intact and not loose and hanging. So basically A medicine which in a couple of months would make *whoosh* All the FAT gone!

8. My Recent Favorite, which was my status message on FB - I wish Mosquitoes sucked FAT and not blood and check the response I got!!

These are just bizzare wishes, and I don't intend any of them coming true. [ I don't mind the mosquitoes really]

As you can see, Not once have I mentioned, I wish I started waking up early or I'll work out regularly or that I wish I could give up on chocolates in that list.

But my crazy imagination has given up on me! And I have learned that there is no shortcut to success.

So My Real WISH is that I have the passion, determination and the focus, required for the weight loss, and in the right manner.

p.s. I am thinking of making a series for the blog which is like a journal with my experience with weight loss. what say people? Will i get some love and motivation from you guys?

Will my Wish of being A Fit girl come true??

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  1. crazy pyschedelic wishes number 3 and 4!!

    i hope ur wish comes true one is true that losing weight is a heady task

    atleast that is possible...i want to grow tall and that is my wish which is impossible now :(

  2. Hey Deeps,
    please stop making up such bizarre stories around your wishes yaar..Come on sweets you scare me..May your wish (just the fat losing bit)come true ASAP... before you conjure yet another scary plan. Phew! That bombay train bomb story was a real bomber huh!

  3. nice way o puttin how d same wish comes up again n again in different ways...

  4. :) I so know the feeling Deeps!! Even if I do exercise, my problem is I cant give up on good food!! I so hate all those ppl who eat more than me and are skinny as a stick :(

  5. 3 and 4 are a little crazy. Imagination much? But I'm with you on the "whooshing" part. I wish "whooshing" could get rid of many problems in life! Reading others blogs about weight loss and their struggles and successes is motivating so I htink your last idea is the best!

  6. Hey deeps: Let me give u another side of it...Just flip ur mind a bit here...
    1.No one love u as much u can love urself!!!!
    2.The fact that u are posting such a thing on facebook is ur self confidence and nothing beats that..
    3.Abt losing fat who cares as long as u are a nice person..BTW no one is carrying u to feel ur wieght:-)...its u who for gods sake...let ppl go get a life!!!!
    4.All that matters is ur attitude towards life and how good u are as a person trust me...

    ALL the best an love u mwah:-)

  7. My goodness! You have one hell of a crazy imagination.
    I think eating healthy and exercizing will be more helpful than getting a disease. :(
    And I agree with Sindhu. People should love you for the person you are and not for the way you look.
    And we sure love you Deeps!! :))
    All the best for BAT.

  8. omg..!! OMG..!! OH MY FUCKING GOD..

    Four of these are just so similar to my wishes... I am also a fatso.. wish the *whoooosh* would come soon..

  9. gawd make u slim asap....btw i luved the train bombastic story the most ,....can make a gud indian serial.....with the name
    "woosh the fat is gone"

  10. Why is it that I meet similar people on Blogosphere... u see my Wish for weight loss is a long time one and no matter what I do ... IT(Fat) stays .....

  11. my GOD!!! what happens in that head of yours - WOW :D you sure have ways of making me LOL!



  12. You forgot the one where you wake from a coma to find yourself miraculously skinny...

    I so related to this post that I'm going to follow you!

    If only we could WANT IT ENOUGH and just eat like normal people, I'm sure the fat would just melt away anyway... but real life interferes.

  13. Mosquitoes sucking fat in place of it!!
    But pls not with ppl like me, i m looking for ways to gain weight!! Thats equally difficult!! Believe me!!

  14. MOsquitoes sucking fat!!! Hmm never thought of tat!!!

  15. Wish your wish # 8 comes true !! All the best for BAT !!

  16. loved the blog!!! crazzzy imaginations...brilliant and motivating comments by sindhu.... the best part is at last u have mentioned FIT GIRL.....acheivin fitness is the most important follows...

  17. Cute!
    Just wanted to remind you of what Sophia Loren once said-appeal is 50 % what you have got and 50% what people think you have got.
    Either way,am sure you will get your wish answered very soon.

  18. hahahah! this is funny. I didn't know you've imagine different situations just to get rid of the fat.
    But you're right. all it takes is focus. Add discipline and motivation to that. I'm sure you'll achieve your goal.

  19. Ha ha ha. I loved all ur wishes, they brought smile on my face cause my wishes are similar too. But 4th one is my favorite :P

  20. 好喜歡你的部落格唷,剛下班,要去睡了!!!掰~~..................................................................

  21. you made me smile...:-) "whoosh* the FAT gone!

    I have the same dilemma with you years back...but yes, focus and discipline made me "whoosh the fat gone!"

    I am not so thin though, still, have big tummy but not so...:-)

    And to make your wish come true? Well, I am sure you know how...;)

    entertaining post at your own expense dear!

    Goodluck for BAT 12!

  22. Very interesting perspective on weight issues. lol.

    If you really serious, start by taking the stairs, regardless of how tired you are. OR You could sign up for Fat Fighters (Little Britain). She's so mean ke tension main hi weight loss ho jayega.

  23. hahaha....
    rainbow of fat wishes ...
    enjoyed the reading ...

  24. My oh my.. crazy wishes Now i am sure you have used a few calories (if you say you are that fat).. in thinking and typing all this .. so there you go something fruitful

    But (I am sorry if you think i am talking nonsense ) i think fat people are the best people, there sense of humour is great I am saying this cause My late aunt was fat and she was the bestest woman in the world...

    but the wishes are crazy.. but hey i do hope you get a wish and woooosh all fat goes away .. CAUSE I WANT ONE OF THOSE WISHES
    if you have two please ask the fairy to fulfill mine too

  25. this one was ekdum hatke, so very YOU!
    very refreshing post despite being full of gore (bomb blasts, hit by a truck, surgeries) but it was cool!
    i liked it a lot :)
    yeah u can continue this as a journal, am an exercise freak, will give u some idea how u can continue eating n still be fit..
    but u dont LOOK fat!
    best wishes for BAT12

  26. Hehe... I like the way you have put it :) Bunch of weird wishes together!

    I like the exercise journal thingy! Go on! I am sure you will have that motivation while you exercise :)

  27. It made an interesting read.
    I've been exactly on the opposite side, whole my life people have been telling me how I need to put on more weight. I have now learnt to close my ears when I get an inkling of wat's coming. :-)
    All the best for your wishes.

  28. LOL.. really liked the blog.. Hope your wish of being a fit girl come true.

    Do read my blog at Vikam Pyati - Wish

  29. wow now dat was a real surprise....yeah sum of da wishes wer crazy! :P

    bt luvd da part weneva da *whoosh* came into the picture! :)

    likd dis one! wish ya luck fr BAT 12! am following u! tc! :)

  30. Hey fellow fatso, c'mon u can do it.. Last month, I got diagnosed with High BP and little excess of sugar nd only way 2 stay healthy is to loose my fat or change my whole lifestyle as doc calls it.. Lets start it together :)

  31. First time here
    Liked it..
    especially that.quote on mosquito!

  32. Hi..........This is Aazar from Pakistan. It would like to follow your blog. It would be great having some intellectual discussion with you. Sharing of views. I liked the way you write. I am following you. Hoping that you will do the same. here is my link.
    I would love to hear you.
    Aazar Ali Shad

  33. Wow. Cracker of a post! :D

    I too wish my fat went *whoosh*!

  34. hey deeps, nice post ya...:D

    All the best for batom

    Holy Cow!!!

  35. WHAT WAS THAT?????? wanna kill a hundered people and then come out alive...with a few injuries...and then *WOOSSHHH*....also get everyone alive after that with another *WOOSSHH* ;)

    I so very like the *wooosshhh* thing! :P

    All the best for BAT!

  36. hi Deeps! first of all, with your facebook screenshot, i don't feel you are fat as such. secondly, it's khatarnal yet pretty creative imagination. guess wat i've been trying to gain weight all these years, and after all efforts all i have got is a permanent tummy ;)

  37. Hey Deeps not my mistake I wrote you a very lovely and looong comment. bullshit blogger said 'service unavailable' so now saying just that wonderful work and all the best for BAT-12

  38. Amen, sister. I never seem to get to where I want to be...

  39. Hey! I just did a lovely tag and would like to pass it on to you. :)


  40. heres wishing you all the best in your endeavour of losing all the excess fat!
    looking forward to the series too!

  41. Mosquitoes sucking fat would be amazing! I would be thin by now and wouldnt hv to diet or exercise :).

  42. Wow your imagination is deep..but lovely and meaningful. check out :) that site helped me when trying to lose weight and it helped out a lot . xo

  43. LOL at #8.. Oh, How i wish that was true too!! I keeping wishing they invent a cream that u apply on ur skin and overnight it converts the fat into water:-)

  44. Here's my advice, for what it's worth: don't worry about how you look; just find something active that you love to do, and do it. The more impressed you are with what your body can DO, the less you'll care about how it LOOKS. At least, that's what's worked for me. Love yourself! -topo (

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