Saturday, July 10, 2010


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I have been FAT, for a very long time now!

I have tried many many many ways of losing the extra weight. What I lack?


As I have mentioned, In some of my previous posts, I have been unnecessarily procrastinating this activity.

The problem is, I have done everything I could, but since I don't see quick results, or results of How I want things to be,I lose the interest, and all the hardwork goes downhill.

In this whole procedure, back of the mind there has always been a WISH. At every stage of life, there has been a wish related to weight loss. I don't know, if it is a fat person thing, or just me, but I very sheepishly want to put my list here. My list of my imaginations,or my wishes.

1. This one is the oldest - One Day I get up, go see the mirror, and all the Fat is *whoosh* gone!
[ Like one of those movies like - Big (Tom Hanks) or Thirteen going on 30 ]

2. This one is the same as the first one, but it always has different stories each time I wish for it - I get something magical, or I meet someone - a magician or a tarot card reader - who'll do some spell on me and *whoosh* the FAT is all gone!!

3. This one is sorta crazy - I am kidnapped by the human trafficking mafias of the world, and since FAT me is of no use to them, they make me starve, by making me unconscious for 6 months, and I get up 6 months later and *whoosh* the FAT is gone!!! :P [ and the scary part is now they get to use me! :( ]

4. This one - You decide - I am travelling in a local train in Mumbai, and it gets bombed. I almost die. But someone similar to me really dies. The cops mistake her for me, and declare me dead. Her family takes me away(I am all burnt, so they don't recognize) And every single time ( of my imagination ) they take me to a different exotic location. There they do a cosmetic surgery on me, and I retain my eyes and my smile and most of my face, but *whoosh* the FAT is all gone!!

5. This is a recurring one - I get some major disease and become very weak. The medicines I take give me energy ONLY by burning my FAT. So, by the time I'm well, *whoosh* the FAT is all gone!!

6. This one is more recurring - One a perfect day, i.e when it is not my birthday, or anyone else's in the near future, and I'm with family or friends. I have to cross the road to reach them. When I'm crossing, I get hit by a truck . The family ( I have to live, so someone I know has to be around in my imagination every single time ) rushes me to the hospital. The doctors operate on me. Once out of the operation theater, he says, "Thank god! she's alive, but thats only because of the FAT. It was holding her organs and bones together. Now, I have removed it all; and her body is perfect" and I get up after a week to see *whoosh* the FAT all gone!! - Why a day when no one's birthday is close by is because, I love celebrating Birthdays, and I can't think of being in a hospital on any of my friend or relative's birthday! :P

7. This is my favorite - Science creates a medicine that I take, and in a month or two, all the FAT is dissolved and out of my system and my skin remains intact and not loose and hanging. So basically A medicine which in a couple of months would make *whoosh* All the FAT gone!

8. My Recent Favorite, which was my status message on FB - I wish Mosquitoes sucked FAT and not blood and check the response I got!!

These are just bizzare wishes, and I don't intend any of them coming true. [ I don't mind the mosquitoes really]

As you can see, Not once have I mentioned, I wish I started waking up early or I'll work out regularly or that I wish I could give up on chocolates in that list.

But my crazy imagination has given up on me! And I have learned that there is no shortcut to success.

So My Real WISH is that I have the passion, determination and the focus, required for the weight loss, and in the right manner.

p.s. I am thinking of making a series for the blog which is like a journal with my experience with weight loss. what say people? Will i get some love and motivation from you guys?

Will my Wish of being A Fit girl come true??

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