Monday, February 8, 2010

Love is in the Air!

Its Valentine week, and I am super excited!! If only I didn't have this work!

I am missing all the people I love.. and missing Valentine's 2009 loads!!

I have moved away from loads of things and people this last year.. But My feelings towards them hasn't changed! I still love them dearly.. and keep them very close to my heart!!

Happy Valentine Week People!! Do let me know what you guys are upto! :)


  1. Lovely pictures:)
    Happy Valentine Week!!!

  2. Firstlyy, from the time i previously visited ur blog to now. ur blog has gone under a lot of remodelling huh!! nice work deep! i like it!!!

    Okay now the time's 11:39 am! and am highly bored in office which made me open my blog after aaaages! and the first thing i did on my blog was to scroll down to the blog Roll!! and first thing taht caught my mind was ur "Love is in the Air"!! Apparently the last post that i wrote on my blog was "________ is in the Air" and you know whyyyy :) :)!!!!

    Happppy Valentines Weeeek Deeeep! :D :D

    btw! beautiful pictures!

  3. 我們唯一需要恐懼的事,是恐懼本身........................................