Friday, May 28, 2010

Its only Words!

Remember "Smile,an ever lasting Smile, A smile can bring you near to me..."

When I decided to call my blog Words as a form of life, Somewhere at the back my head I had this song.

"Its only words, and words are all I have, to take your heart away"

I have always wondered, why you need anything else to sustain any kind of relationship? Doesn't it start with words, and finish with them? For a long time, this was my favorite song, and I would completely abide by it.

Then, I heard this  You Say it best, when you say nothing at all! And then, I couldn't stop loving the song.

Notice how things, small and big sometimes make a major difference in your lives?
It could be a song, a book, an article from a magazine you touched for the first time, a friend you made, a series of incidents, a petty love affair, a friend's love affair, money, television shows, movies, people who cheat, people who suffer, people who love and people who teach.

These differences make us who we are. Its not where you do your graduation, or what you do in post graduation, its not where you work or how much money your dad has.

I relate to that person today. The person I am because of the differences made in my life. They needn't be good;  but they define me in some way. Am I the same person I was a couple of years ago? No.. Well, Am I the same person I was A couple of weeks ago? Still no! Do I love this person, despite all the change, hell yes! Then why do people find it difficult to accept others who have changed? Why is it that people tend to have problems with people because they have changed? Would you stop loving yourself for the changes in you?

Its been more than a year since I moved to Mumbai, and almost 10 months since I wrote this. A whole universe has changed from then and now. Work, politics, work politics, Friendships, Roommates, Romance, Relatives and equations between all of them have changed. And all this within Mumbai. And the world outside of that - phew, I don't know where to begin! Bangalore, Delhi have made me realize that home can be anywhere as long as there is love and warmth, And there are those people who I can share my feelings with and those I can spend my time in silence without having to say a word, still feeling complete. 

So today, even though I feel so completely the same person I was in Class 8; I am not her. I have grown up (and big) from then, and I have completely trusted my path whichever I have taken, to be the best one for me.

There could've been improvements, but I would not trade this for anything else. For all the mistakes I have made, the lessons I have learnt, I will forever be grateful to every single person who made the DIFFERENCE in my life. Because Its Only Words which keep us connected to this world we live in. And these Words are our life, if not just A form of Life!!!

Too deep for a Friday post, huh? Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! :D 

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Remember Me!

Thank God Edward Cullen is a Vampire! 

It hurts so much to see Robert Pattinson die; even though they haven't shown him dead!!

Of the many movies I watched these days, I think I liked Remember me the best. It said so much more than I think the movie was trying to say. And I didn't like it just because it had Robert Pattinson in it; He's good yes, but the movie on the whole was very well made.

Watching movies - Bollywood or Hollywood has been my favorite pass-time, and in the last few years, we have seen many many movies which had stories to tell which revolved around the 9/11 attack. But most stories I had seen or read, were those which happened after the attack, or something close and how it impacted the characters in the movie. But this was different. Pierce Brosnan played a very good character, the tough daddy, the throw he had, the passion, lovely. Emile de Ravin - I haven't seen Roswell or Lost [ I know, its bad.. I'll catch up ;) ] but man, was she a surprise or what? She pretty! To think she'll be 30 next year scares me!! 

The movie talks about death. of. loved. ones. In different ways, it talks about difficulty. And through it all it shows love. That strange love which cannot be described in words. The love between a brother and sister is also handled with such sensitivity that I was almost in tears. 

The Best part OBVIOUSLY Was Robert. 

His eyes. His smile. They talk different languages at the same time! There are scenes in which his dialogue is something, his eyes are saying something else and his mouth is doing something else. On someone else it might have looked weird. But on him. ah! to. die. for!!!!!!! 

A small thing from the movie; I love what it says.

Whatever you do in life will be
insignificant but it is very
important that you do it because...

You can't know...

You can't ever really know the
meaning of your life...

And you don't need to...
Just know that your life has a meaning...

Every life has a meaning... whether
it lasts one hundred years or one
hundred seconds...

Every life... And every death... changes the
world in its own way...

Gandhi knew this. He knew his life
would mean something to someone,
somewhere, somehow. And he knew
with as much certainty that he
could never know that meaning...
He understood that enjoying life
should be of much greater concern
then understanding it.
And so do I.

You can't know...

So don't take it for granted...
But don't take it too seriously...

*Don't postpone what you want...
*Don't leave anything misunderstood...
*Make sure the people you care about know...
Make sure they know how you really feel...

Because just like that...


Hope this post made some sense. 

Friday, May 14, 2010

FYBF! No Make Up Day!

Just Came Across FYBF! at a fellow Blogger RATZ!


It requires us to put up pictures of us without make up!!

So I pick this one!!

I feel smile is all the make up we need.. This is me.. plain, simple and in love!

So People, add your selves at FYBF here!


Looking forward to new beginnings!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Have you?

Have you ever found yourself doing sooo many things, that you end up having no time for yourself?

Have you ever found no reason in almost all the things you do, but still you continue to do so?

Have you found love on a long journey, in a train, with thousands of strangers around?

Have you found a smile, in the tears which flow down your precious eyes?

Have you told your parents you love them lately?

Have you called your brother, and told him how much you miss him?

Thats me n my lovely brother!

Have you felt the spark in your throat when you want to shout out loud, in your office?

Have you read a random blog and felt that special connection?

Hopes, Dreams and Reality - When they come together - Wonderfulness!!


Have you slept well lately?? :)

Images mainly from here! :D

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Beliefs / Fear

When i was kid, I heard this proverb - There's nothing to fear other than fear itself!

Then. I. Grew. Up.

Grew up, with the belief that I had nothing to fear. Whenever I had to stand up for something I believed in, I did. Even at home, with mom and dad. I always supported what was right - according to me! So, in the long arguments / discussions I had with my dad, more often than not I ended up crying, as that was the only way I could gracefully lose the argument ;-)!!!

In the Indian Scenario, my parents / relatives have always told me, that they never had the guts to talk to their parents / elders about certain things. I am lucky, like that [thank god!]. I could share anything with my parents, and I did share almost everything.

Why is it not the same with my friends and cousins? Why are they always scared of sharing their thoughts
about certain issues with their parents?

We tend to hide certain things, for sure, like, you wouldn't announce at home that you have a boy friend / girlfriend. And we tell them only only when we are really ready. Or that, you drink or smoke, or something like that. Yes, it is frowned upon, we know, they wouldn't approve of it, but still, we continue doing it, by hiding it from them.

And so, when you're out with friends having a drink, and your mom calls, what do you say? When you're out with that someone special and your dad calls, what would you say? We lie. But we are not one bit ashamed of it, are we? Or if we are, do you think we are doing anything about it?

OK, I wanted to write about a completely different thing, and once I started typing, this whole parent thing came up.

I have always wondered why we create these situations for ourselves.

Today, when I look back at my days in college, I always had a nice excuse for bunking classes. But there was
no way I could tell this at home. But now, when I go back home, and tell them all (most of) the crazy things I used to do - and mom goes like - "when did u have the time to do this?" or "how come you never asked  us before you went there?" .. And No, they weren't angry. And weren't hurt too... Its nice like that! :)..

How would it be when we have kids? Will they also hide stuff from us? It scares me to think that. How do you know how to be the right kind of parent?

stop! why am I even thinking off when I have kids blah blah when there's a long time to go till, I get married in the first place? Weird!

Well, contemplating on a random thought on my own blog is allowed, isn't it? :)

I guess so!! :)

OK, now I have to get back to work.. just wanted to put random thoughts in ink.. I'd like to know your sentiments about them too.. if you want...!


Sunday, May 2, 2010

How much would you trust someone??

How many friends of yours can you really trust?

This happened to a friend of mine, and it has sort of shocked/shaken me, because I tend to trust/ believe most of my friends and try almost always to be there when they want / need me.

My friend met this guy, lets call him Shael, in MBA training classes. One of those institutes which help students in scoring well in the MBA entrance exams like GMAT, CAT etc. Classes are usually held two -three days a week. 

My friend and Shael ended up sitting with each other in a few such classes. Slowly they started hanging out together, usually post classes and sometimes even bunk class n hang out. A coffee shop, a sports bar and even long drive at times.

If I did this with someone for more than 3 weeks, that person would have been " a good friend" by the end of three weeks. Ok. This. Story. Is. Not. About. Me.
Back to my friend's story.

After a couple of months of these classes my friend got into a college to pursue his MBA. He got into a nice course and life for him went on a different course. New sets of people, new things in life. He was not in touch with SHael and a few other old friends. [ the whole thing about there being three kind of friends - for a reason, season and a lifetime ]

Almost a year later, during my friend's semester examination for MBA, Shael calls out of nowhere. He sounds all excited and happy and says he's getting married; and that he wants to meet my friend. He tells my friend stuff like, how close they were as friends, and also that he( shael  ) wanted my friend to meet his fiancee and all. So, after like atleast 50-60 phone calls from Shael,my friend agreed to meet him for like 10-15 minutes. [ I wanted to know why my friend was acting so pricy n all - and in his defence he said : 
a) he had exams going 
b) he didn't really have time to hang out due to reason (a) and 
c)  when someone you haven't spoken in a really long time calls so often, it means either they want something from you or they want something from you, BIGtime! ]

So they meet in a Friendly place like McDonalds and Shael gets coke for the both of them. Then as casual conversation goes on, Shael's phone rings and he is unable to answer it because apparently the battery of his phone just died. He says it was his girlfriends call, and asks my friends phone to call her. 

Since the place they were in was noisy, he takes the call outside. He walks out, talking over the phone AND HE DOESN"T COME BACK!

He takes the phone and disappears. My friend waits for this person to come back and after like 10 minutes he goes out to see where Shael is. 

He thinks Shael must have just gone to pick his girlfriend from somewhere, because he is unable to accept the fact that anyone, would just walk away with the phone like that. Mind you, the phone he uses is a Blackberry  [ same phone I use ;-) n I simply Louve it!!!!! ] which was just 3 weeks old and which costs about 30,000 rupees. 

A couple of hours after this, he pings me on gtalk, and in a state of shock [yes, even after 2-3 hours] tells me about what just happened to him. 

My first reaction to that was - Go to the Cops!! However corrupt / non-corrupt the cops in India are, they are the Police and they might be able to help.

He didn't want to. Why?
a) He had exams and didn't have time to waste with the cops ( coz thats what it would have been if he had gone to the cops - a waste of time)
b) He didn't want to tell his parents, coz they might react/over-react unfavorably and he didn't want them involved at all. ( Acc to him, its simply wrong to involve parents in problems. Me,on the other hand, like here - I would go tell mom, dad immediately! )

I then suggested, finding Shael on his own. The classes they were in together would probably have their address!! But no, he stayed in a rented flat, as he was from another city and chances are, he has already fled to another city. Thats why Shael was calling over and over again to meet with my friend. 

So, on the whole, my friend didn't / couldn't do anything when this day light robbery happened to him! I was all bummed out coz doing nothing was not my cup of tea! And I was frustrated and irritated with people in general for a while.

What if your friend/ acquaintance did that to you? I have always given my phone to someone who needed to make an urgent call and something was wrong with theirs. I hope people around me would help me out, if my phone weren't working / battery was dead [ god forbid ] 

This may be a TMH of a non-gross kind, but nevertheless. It has made some sort of impact on my life, and not a positive one, I must say.

Has something like this happened to you, or someone you know? How would you deal in a similar situation? 

Is there anything which can undo the negative impact it has had on my life? Or is it just a lesson learnt, A big one at that!?

On a totally different note!!
Okay Peeps, Also changed my Blog template to a very very simple one! Still looking for a new one though! I think my blog needs this simple look for sometime! :P Give me ur views on it!! :D And some suggestions about finding new ones!!