Friday, July 3, 2009

What should I expect out of Mumbai?

Yes, Long time since I claimed to do this more often, Can't really help I guess!! :)

To get a Job in IBM is one thing; to get a IT company to give a girl from Bangalore a job posting in Mumbai is another!! Lots of people have asked me this : Why Mumbai??
- is it because u were born here?
- or because u have loads of relatives here?
- or because you want to stay away from home??

The answer has always been the fourth option : None of these

A great person once said "Spend atleast 6 months of ur life in Bombay. Else you'll never know what you missed! trust me on this one."

So I came here, to find out what I missed! I have always wanted to live in another city away from home. The city could've been anything.. Delhi, Kolkata, Jaipur, So that option couldn't answer the why Mumbai part! The question it answered was why not B'lore!! ;-)

I have been waiting to experience what I missed; Its just been a couple of weeks now.. and I'm here for more than Six months! So lets wait n watch, what say?

So, What should I expect out of Mumbai?

1 comment:

  1. gotto appreciate you deep!
    i ran out of mysore in 4 days u knw??
    am so embarrassed telling this to people !!

    all the very best!!! hope u hav a wonderful time !!