Friday, July 3, 2009

Life, or something like that!

It is a name of some movie, isn't it?

Well that's exactly how I'm feeling; that I'm living "Life, or something like that"!

From childhood, one thing which mom used to tell me was, there's nothing like the rains in Mumbai! Well, yeah! there's nothing like it! Its pure madness, it starts and doesn't seem to know when to stop; nevertheless, people here have been telling me, that this is nothing in comparison whats in store for this year!!

Yikes! help! I am someone who has always loved the rains.. but I need to paraphrase it now; I am someone who loves the Bangalore Rains!!! The rains here just go about all do dampening everything - the surroundings and your spirits!!

I think I'm cribbing a bit too much, and being someone who doesn't crib, I'm hating this!

[BTW the image is the view from my window of the rains!]

Well, I'm a mess now, and nothing seems to be helping and somewhere in my head, I just thought writing about stuff might help you heal!

Girls, more often than not, [not generalizing coz that's again something I don't do] would have always dreamed of getting a guy who:

- Loves them
- is good looking
- understanding
- Good to take home to ur parents
- Rich
- Someone who'd do anything for you
- Someone who's extremely loyal
- and someone who is really good otherwise!

So, what would you call a girl who'd give all that up? and who, you may ask, is foolish enough to give up on that sort of a guy? "ting ting ting" you are absolutely correct!! - ME!!

The one thing which quite a few of my friends have asked me, and I have asked myself is - Why?
Why did I actually let go an opportunity of being with such a wonderful person?

My answer, after deep deeeep thought, is I don't know! I do not really know what was the actual thing which made me lose it with this guy!

Help! Its strange.. really strange..! I am very sceptical in a normal environment to ask someone for help! but here I did it twice, both on one blogpost!

Ok, I'm thinking, where there's rains today, there there might be sunshine tomorrow, right?

So all I'm hoping for is a li'l sunshine, and then I'll be able to be who I really want to be!

Now I wanna sing some song, dance away to glory!! If i wasn't in office, then I'd be doing plenty!! ;-) This actually sounds like some rhyme you know! ;-)


  1. hey deeep! you also blog????
    and i know how it feels to be out der !! the li'l sunshine that you're waiting for is not far!

  2. well i did.. and then i stopped.. then.. again.. i was like, why not?? he he he... waitin for the sunshine though!!!

  3. deepu.. great blog.. really liked it.. u put across ur thoughts really well... n believe me.. tat thing u wrote bout the apparent perfect guy.. c'mon.. maybe.. but not for u.. sometimes v jus have tat connection wit tat person or v dont.. so damn wat.. there are so many out there... n u'll get someone u'll go crazy over.. take it slow.. n it'll happen :)keep writin though.. like readin ur stuff..

  4. nice view from your window yaar. i love the rains in mumbai. If one can get used to the crowds and doesnt act elitist about space and mode of transportation, Mumbai could be bearable.... guy/girl problems toh hote rehta hain... remember bus/train/ladki....