Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Star Light, Star Bright, You make me feel alright!

When you're at crossroads in life, and nothing seems to be going your way, where is the first place you look? My first choice didn't take my call, and so reluctantly I called home. I have always wanted mom and dad to see me as a strong, brave person; So to call them at one of my weakest was difficult. I think living away from home has all pros and no cons... ( who am i kidding?? Living with parents, home cooked meals, unconditional love, no paying rent!! ;-) its all cons for living alone. :P )

Well, for all the Pros for living on my own, one of them is that, however unreasonable you are, or stupid you feel, the parents only make you feel better! Now if it was me at home, and I went crying to them about something I had done, or something I hadn't done, the reactions would've been so different!

So, I turn to daddy for help, and he does a wonderful job of hand-holding and bringing me to the world of OKAYness! And I don't know if ANYone, I mean, anyONE other than him would have had the same effect.
[Thanks Dad, Louve you!!! ]

This happened a couple of months ago, and my view towards certain stuff has shifted. I have always believed in giving my hundered percent in everything I do, and more often than not, I do!

In a previous post I mentioned, I need to learn to prioritze my life. Because there are sooo many unnecessary things I do; And so many things which ae necessary things which I blindly avoid. Like, Its high time I start working out again, I am just unable to get up early in the morning! [ what with sleeping at 3 - 4 a.m ]

I also have to re-start studying; for MBA admissions. And I need to do really well in those exams. But what am I doing instead? Giving my all to my not so great job! And getting involved in unnecessary discussions. The worst part is I know what I am supposed to do and what I am not supposed to; but still why don't I?

I will start next week onwards. Both workout and studies! :) Why? Coz this weekend I am going Home sweet Home to meet my Mommy and Daddy dearest!! O goodness, I miss them sooo much!! How can someone live without their loved ones around them?? :D [don't read the beginning of the blog :P] Once I'm back, I'll start with being Organized!! :D

So, this girl is all shiny and bright because of her Star..!! Who's shining.. and bringing light to her life. Love you daddy!! Love you Mommy!! Other than biological reasons too, I wouldn't have been me, if it wasn't for you two.

And and and... This Year is their 25th i.e Silver Jubilee Wedding Anniversary!! So there's going to be loads of Celebration this year!!! :D :D:D

All you happy people out there - Loads of Hugs, Kisses and Love!!! Hope all your Star Light make you Feel Alrite!!!!!!