Wednesday, March 10, 2010

One Tree Hill!!

I started watching One Tree Hill, the same time I posted my previous post. And since then I haven't done much more in my free time with the laptop! Hence all blame for no new posts goes solely to OTH!

But my dear friend who gave me OTH gave me season one, two, six and seven!! He forgot to give me 3-4-5!! 

I sat and read through everything available on these seasons,but it isn't the same as watching it! I tried to figure out what might have happened, in the previous seasons. Like, who's Miah, or Lindsey, Or, Chase.. and what happened to Peyton's real mom ( i know she died of cancer, but what happened?? ), Why everyone hates Victoria Davis so much? and most importantly... Why did Dan kill Keith and how!! 

I must be sounding so shallow in the above portion, right? I can't really help it. I think this is the power teen drama has over me! My weakness of sorts. It was the same, or probably worse with Dawson's Creek! ( but you already knew that ) Is this the same for many people, or is it just me??

I am watching the 7th season of OTH now, and it doesn't have Lucas(Chad Michael Murray - Yummy) n Peyton. I thought I'd lose interest, coz i watched it only, only for Lucas! but na.. I still watch it. I sit all night through! ( Bad me, I know) I have to watch it!! When it was HIMYM; it was a similar craziness, but wasn't the same, coz how ever much I loved barney, it was never the same way I love Luke!! Or I loved Dawson n Pacey. ( Chad was in DC too.. yummmm ).

I am sounding so unlike myself in this post; but i think it is a OTH after effect. I sometimes talk like Peyton, or even Brooke and it creeps me out!! O ya, I forgot to mention, but I so love Jamie Lucas Scott too.. he is simply adorable!!!!

Isn't he yummmmy???

Nevertheless, I like it, and thats me..! And this is my blog!! and I can write about whatever I want!!! :D

Aaaahhh!! Miss writing sooo much!! :D

I just re-read it! Eew - do i really talk like this???


  1. nice post !
    By the way you have beautiful eyes.

  2. I dont follow the series typically. But this looks like a hot series.:)

  3. I never watched One Tree Hill or you know I would fill in the blanks for you but I totally understand being sucked into a show (LOL)

  4. Deeeps!! I love OTH too! I used to sit and watch it for luke...I used to follow it on TV in India actually :P This was in engg sometime, and trust me, I was so crazy about him, I wrote a poem on him and all :D Gosh, Yummy is the right word to describe him :)

    And yeah, Jamie is such a cutie too. All the characters just grow on to u...i wanna watch it all over again now :) <3

  5. Hey Ash!! SOooo glad to see u following me n all!! :D :D me all happy!!

    I am yet to get season 3-5..!!