Thursday, July 30, 2009

A li'l more than two months!!

It's been a little more than two months since I came to Mumbai, and the experience has been wonderful!! ( yeah yeah.. despite all the cribbing.. ;-) )

Sometimes I feel like, I reached here just yesterday and sometimes I feel like a lifetime has been spent here! Work is pretty decent, though I am still not sure what I am really supposed to be doing. People at work are nice. Its a regular office crowd. Why do I like it so much? Well, first n foremost its the variety. Different people, different lives and how they coincide within the circular walls of the IL&FS building, 4th floor. :-D

I was initially very sad, as most of the people in my team were older than me and married. So you know, a normal lunch / tea time discussion involved - their kids, husbands and in-laws! But slowly I saw a new side to this whole scenario. These people( here I'm talking of just the women) had sooo much more than just the casual talks. I have come to like them soo much so that sometimes when I have to go to the other office(yes! I am a "mobile employee") I miss them sooo much! Other than that, you have the regular office link-ups, n gossip! which is truly fun and very harmless. I like it here.

Living at my aunt's place, right now feels like the best decision I could've taken. Why?
Here I have family and I love them loads, and hence don't feel the hollowness of not having mom dad n bro with me. Plus she's my favorite aunt, and my cousin - however much we fight n bicker - I have come to adore him and respect him loads more! My other cousins have also been loads of fun, new thing for me getting to spend quality time with my folks!!

Well, plus I had a visit from one of my closest friends from Bengaluru! Well categorically, it was an amazing weekend! Things happened that weekend which happened for the first time in my life!! :D.. I wish I could put all of it here, but I'll keep it for some other day!!

Last, but not the least, the guys!!! How can I talk of Mumbai and not mention them. The same people during training in B'lore were sooo completely different from the "Men" they are today. They are sooo busy with their Business Development, sometimes I feel all alone when I don't meet them for weeks! [ thats when the regular office people make me feel super good - like somehow they know how I'm feeling] But then, all of a sudden, they become these gentlemen(again something they weren't during training) and take time out to go out and sit with me by the sea, at either marine drive or Worli sea face [ god! i love them(places)!! and these make me fall in love with Mumbai even more ].

So, two months on my own, and life has happened! It feels nice to have left most relations back in b'lore and come to a new city to make new relations. I haven't run away from my problems, I have just been running towards life!! Now going back to bangalore, even if only for just a week, is like going back to another world! A world that I have truly truly missed, grown up within. Its like going back to school and standing on the stage, where you've performed many many times, after years of graduating from there.

Lovely feeling, isn't it?


  1. the post was beautifully you sweetheart....... I am waiting to see more. And yes Mumbai is awesome. and it was special because of you.

  2. nice post! And your new 'do over here is FABULOUS. SO pretty.