Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Beliefs / Fear

When i was kid, I heard this proverb - There's nothing to fear other than fear itself!

Then. I. Grew. Up.

Grew up, with the belief that I had nothing to fear. Whenever I had to stand up for something I believed in, I did. Even at home, with mom and dad. I always supported what was right - according to me! So, in the long arguments / discussions I had with my dad, more often than not I ended up crying, as that was the only way I could gracefully lose the argument ;-)!!!

In the Indian Scenario, my parents / relatives have always told me, that they never had the guts to talk to their parents / elders about certain things. I am lucky, like that [thank god!]. I could share anything with my parents, and I did share almost everything.

Why is it not the same with my friends and cousins? Why are they always scared of sharing their thoughts
about certain issues with their parents?

We tend to hide certain things, for sure, like, you wouldn't announce at home that you have a boy friend / girlfriend. And we tell them only only when we are really ready. Or that, you drink or smoke, or something like that. Yes, it is frowned upon, we know, they wouldn't approve of it, but still, we continue doing it, by hiding it from them.

And so, when you're out with friends having a drink, and your mom calls, what do you say? When you're out with that someone special and your dad calls, what would you say? We lie. But we are not one bit ashamed of it, are we? Or if we are, do you think we are doing anything about it?

OK, I wanted to write about a completely different thing, and once I started typing, this whole parent thing came up.

I have always wondered why we create these situations for ourselves.

Today, when I look back at my days in college, I always had a nice excuse for bunking classes. But there was
no way I could tell this at home. But now, when I go back home, and tell them all (most of) the crazy things I used to do - and mom goes like - "when did u have the time to do this?" or "how come you never asked  us before you went there?" .. And No, they weren't angry. And weren't hurt too... Its nice like that! :)..

How would it be when we have kids? Will they also hide stuff from us? It scares me to think that. How do you know how to be the right kind of parent?

stop! why am I even thinking off when I have kids blah blah when there's a long time to go till, I get married in the first place? Weird!

Well, contemplating on a random thought on my own blog is allowed, isn't it? :)

I guess so!! :)

OK, now I have to get back to work.. just wanted to put random thoughts in ink.. I'd like to know your sentiments about them too.. if you want...!



  1. Well I have those strict kind of parents... not that I have a bf, but still... :-w

    Of course, c'mon! everybody contemplates... I would like to be not-so-strict... :P

  2. i think there has to be balance - extremes never work out for normal kids - else be ready to have immature adults for children

  3. These are all tell tale signs of wanting to be a mom, and thus, getting married. Welcome to the confused age. where one wants the belonging of someone special, but not the effort of living it through

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  5. Ya, I often wonder, what kind of mom would I be.

  6. welcome to the real adult world....:D

  7. Sorry i keep forgetting to update the location , its sankey tank indeed , i live in 15 cross now so you will get to see a lot of Malleshwaram :)

    Well when i tell my parents about what i had done they laugh it of to , only because i that incident had not put me into any kinda trouble , the ones that did they kinda remind of it once in a while so i will remember before doing something totally brash again :)

  8. oh btw have you found my blog yet? it is back where it was

  9. @akansha: i think having strict parents help us be grounded too!! what say?

    @Americanising Desi (Seher): soo true, ( i'm kinda glad how I turned out to be :P ;) ) n yes.. I found all ur blogs!! I'm so glad I did, reading you makes me feel that on some level I know you from a long time!! :)

    @mr. keeda/ tushar: contemplating abt the future doesn't make me a wannabe mom! there's time for that.. but yeah,confused age it is!!

    @Manjari: :) a good one for sure!

    @Sid: thank you!!

    @Smriti: remember how we used to bunk 2nd half of aradhya tutions to sit in java green doing nothing!! those were the best!! :)

  10. I'd firstly pray for my children, Because I believe only God can help me in every way.... :)

    Secondly... I'd give whatever my kids ask for! I'd give them their freedom, I'd let them fly and fall on their own so that they learn...

    Thirdly I'd also tell them what is good and what is bad!

    I'd hate being strict with my children because when you're strict with someone they tend to rebel.... And rebellion is not so very good! ...

    Lastly I'd like to be like my mom.... an inspiration ! :) the same way my kids should take me as their inspiration..!

    PS: I spoke a lot? Err, I'm still wondering how best I can be as a parent !! :) All i can do is give them lots of love ! <3 :))