Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Remember Me!

Thank God Edward Cullen is a Vampire! 

It hurts so much to see Robert Pattinson die; even though they haven't shown him dead!!

Of the many movies I watched these days, I think I liked Remember me the best. It said so much more than I think the movie was trying to say. And I didn't like it just because it had Robert Pattinson in it; He's good yes, but the movie on the whole was very well made.

Watching movies - Bollywood or Hollywood has been my favorite pass-time, and in the last few years, we have seen many many movies which had stories to tell which revolved around the 9/11 attack. But most stories I had seen or read, were those which happened after the attack, or something close and how it impacted the characters in the movie. But this was different. Pierce Brosnan played a very good character, the tough daddy, the throw he had, the passion, lovely. Emile de Ravin - I haven't seen Roswell or Lost [ I know, its bad.. I'll catch up ;) ] but man, was she a surprise or what? She pretty! To think she'll be 30 next year scares me!! 

The movie talks about death. of. loved. ones. In different ways, it talks about difficulty. And through it all it shows love. That strange love which cannot be described in words. The love between a brother and sister is also handled with such sensitivity that I was almost in tears. 

The Best part OBVIOUSLY Was Robert. 

His eyes. His smile. They talk different languages at the same time! There are scenes in which his dialogue is something, his eyes are saying something else and his mouth is doing something else. On someone else it might have looked weird. But on him. ah! to. die. for!!!!!!! 

A small thing from the movie; I love what it says.

Whatever you do in life will be
insignificant but it is very
important that you do it because...

You can't know...

You can't ever really know the
meaning of your life...

And you don't need to...
Just know that your life has a meaning...

Every life has a meaning... whether
it lasts one hundred years or one
hundred seconds...

Every life... And every death... changes the
world in its own way...

Gandhi knew this. He knew his life
would mean something to someone,
somewhere, somehow. And he knew
with as much certainty that he
could never know that meaning...
He understood that enjoying life
should be of much greater concern
then understanding it.
And so do I.

You can't know...

So don't take it for granted...
But don't take it too seriously...

*Don't postpone what you want...
*Don't leave anything misunderstood...
*Make sure the people you care about know...
Make sure they know how you really feel...

Because just like that...


Hope this post made some sense. 


  1. yes it did deeps.....i am gonna watch this movie now

  2. I am gonna watch Twilight this Saturday.. can you even believe that???? Yes!!! I am literally living under a rock.. Bwahahaha.... i'll let you know what i felt about Edward...

  3. I was so excited because he's going to be on Ellen today and I have a long run then a meeting at work got scheduled at 1 so I have to miss it! BOO!!!

  4. he's quite hot but his acting skills are yet to blow me away!! but i guess this movie's def. worth a watch :D

  5. oh my goodness he is just so GORGEOUS!!

  6. Will try to catch this one soon

  7. lovely lines from the movie. I didnt watch this movie just because I could not come out of the thought that Robert Pattinson can be a non-vampire.
    But now i think is shud watch it.

  8. Team Edward!! Yay! I have never heard of "Remember Me." Should I be embarrassed? I live under a rock too, like Ratz. But not under the same rock. LOL

  9. 認清問題就等於已經解決了一半的問題。.............................................

  10. huh...i didnt even kno such a movie was thr.

  11. I am so glad you loved this movie. Did you cry? I cried like an absolute bitch at the end. AND I choked on my popcorn in the beginning. I highly recommend this movie. The theme of grief and loss is done so well. :)

    I promise to stop slacking!

  12. @shahid: have u seen it yet??

    @RATZ: please please see it soon love!

    @My husband's watching tv: hope u got to see the repeat telecast of that!

    @spardha: yes.. its very unusual!

    @chelsea: droooooll..... love him!! :)

    @meg: i'm sure u'll love it! its not a fun movie.. but a good one nevertheless

    @gnetch: watch it... u'll love team edward better..

    @mayz: now u do.. :P

    @sara: i did... it hit me all of a sudden.. it was handeled soo soo well!! *hugs*