Friday, May 28, 2010

Its only Words!

Remember "Smile,an ever lasting Smile, A smile can bring you near to me..."

When I decided to call my blog Words as a form of life, Somewhere at the back my head I had this song.

"Its only words, and words are all I have, to take your heart away"

I have always wondered, why you need anything else to sustain any kind of relationship? Doesn't it start with words, and finish with them? For a long time, this was my favorite song, and I would completely abide by it.

Then, I heard this  You Say it best, when you say nothing at all! And then, I couldn't stop loving the song.

Notice how things, small and big sometimes make a major difference in your lives?
It could be a song, a book, an article from a magazine you touched for the first time, a friend you made, a series of incidents, a petty love affair, a friend's love affair, money, television shows, movies, people who cheat, people who suffer, people who love and people who teach.

These differences make us who we are. Its not where you do your graduation, or what you do in post graduation, its not where you work or how much money your dad has.

I relate to that person today. The person I am because of the differences made in my life. They needn't be good;  but they define me in some way. Am I the same person I was a couple of years ago? No.. Well, Am I the same person I was A couple of weeks ago? Still no! Do I love this person, despite all the change, hell yes! Then why do people find it difficult to accept others who have changed? Why is it that people tend to have problems with people because they have changed? Would you stop loving yourself for the changes in you?

Its been more than a year since I moved to Mumbai, and almost 10 months since I wrote this. A whole universe has changed from then and now. Work, politics, work politics, Friendships, Roommates, Romance, Relatives and equations between all of them have changed. And all this within Mumbai. And the world outside of that - phew, I don't know where to begin! Bangalore, Delhi have made me realize that home can be anywhere as long as there is love and warmth, And there are those people who I can share my feelings with and those I can spend my time in silence without having to say a word, still feeling complete. 

So today, even though I feel so completely the same person I was in Class 8; I am not her. I have grown up (and big) from then, and I have completely trusted my path whichever I have taken, to be the best one for me.

There could've been improvements, but I would not trade this for anything else. For all the mistakes I have made, the lessons I have learnt, I will forever be grateful to every single person who made the DIFFERENCE in my life. Because Its Only Words which keep us connected to this world we live in. And these Words are our life, if not just A form of Life!!!

Too deep for a Friday post, huh? Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! :D 


  1. Welcome to FlogYoBlog Friday, Deeps.=)

    And yep totally agree, one person can change your life for the better.x

  2. Absolutely true Deeps... we just don even know how changes happen.... they occur so gradually and it feels like we are going through a normal routine... and the BHAM!!! we see the change and we learn... people always have the biggest of influence.... i learnt all of this when i was away from my family for 3 yrs.... those were the days which made me whatever i am today... SMile....

  3. I don't think anything is too deep for bloggers. In general, we're a thinking, introspective kind of crowd which is why we all are here, I think. I could be wrong. But, anyway I loved your post and I totally agree with you. Movie quotes and song lyrics affect me that way too. Words are powerful.

  4. I love that song, and it is so true, picked up your blog from Mummy time, glad I did.

  5. indeed you are past the past and words you are spot on about :)

    i wanna be drugged with nn overdose of it and i m glad you pointed me the direction to get some inspiration from - for i dont say it best when i say nothing at all!


  6. Wonderful post! Love your passion for words and for life!

  7. Really a nice post Deeps. Very beautifully penned down. Loved it :)

    Hope to see you in my blog too :)

  8. Amazing post! It reinforces the fact that change is the only thing constant in life! And the day you embrace the changes around you, you are truly a happy person

    Take care

  9. I just adore that song..

    The touch of your hand says
    You'll catch me
    Whenever I fall

    Simply beautiful...

  10. Very deep! Changing is good though :)
    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog x

  11. deeps,

    interesting blog you have...
    enjoyed very much...

  12. i want to listen to that song now :)

  13. well, to be precise.
    i noticed 2 common things in us.. the song behind the blogs name... and our names.. deeps :D
    take care namesake :)