Friday, February 5, 2010

Confusion: does it require a Confession?

Not having a goal in life leads to confusion... with most of the important decisions in life!

I have no place of my own; physically and in people's lives, except you( my love )!

I don't know where to go... I keep screwing up stuff.. and it hurts... but I still am true to myself ( i think )!

Now;I have goals.. the only thing is that I am not doing anything about it!! I should start!!! when???????

Ok..sorry if i have confused you.. but I am sort of thinking in print!! 

BTW.. I am in love.. and that is not going to change.. ( again.... I think )


  1. Confusion is at the mouth of a river which may change course and flow into anything worthwhile :) so dont worry !

  2. Deeps, my first visit to your blog, and I could quite relate to this post.. It's lovely to be in love!
    - Sweetness