Tuesday, December 29, 2009


 A wonderful trip with loved ones, to a fantastic place!! Loads of adventure and loads of bonding!! Thats what it was!!! I think everyone must go to Rishikesh at least once in their lifetime!!!

the silvery white sand beach by the river Ganges@our camp

The tents in which we lived in, maintained really well..!

The river Ganges, we were right in middle of the river during our Rafting session!!

       the simple beauty of the place with peace and tranquility!

trying something stupid! with poo's floaters! lol!!

The River Rafting Team!! :D

DRAMA is our middle name!! :P

One of my best trips so far!!

So, what have you been doing lately?? ;-)


  1. yay you are back!! I have been enjoying much needed time with my family, seems that your trip was amazing!! love the pics!! :)

  2. @ angel: thanks a ton girl!! I'm glad you're enjoying with family.. i did just that post my trip.. was wonderful too!!

  3. That muffler photo looks like terrorist! ha ha. anyway..everything wonderful. I would love to be there sometime. :)

  4. @jaky: lol! the terrorist thing was exactly wht he was doing to me!! :P

  5. wow! Nothing that exciting here - I've never seen shots of the Ganges like that, only photos taken in cities. It's beautiful and wild looking

  6. amazing ... speechless ... atta gurl ..

  7. So, if i want to follow your blog, how do I do that?
    Via bloglovin?

  8. Yup its an awesome place. I had been there in 2007

  9. You 'Ve been Tagged..please collect it from my blog...


  10. I saw that you are one of my followers, but noticed that we hadn't connected. This is me trying to change that.

    I loved the pics!

  11. Wow...bt isn't the water a bit too cold at this time to go rafting?

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