Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Delhi in December!!

Not like I am really busy or something, I was just on a read only phase for quite sometime. But as I woke up this morning I missed writing sooo much,that I was like - Lets get back with a Bang!! Well, no bang happening here but ya, I am writing and I love it!

I am on a long holiday from work!! :D By long, I mean 10 days off work including three weekends! So, Yaay Me!! There were a few work things to sort out with my manager as he sits in Delhi, but that is not happening apparently!! I hope the IBM Manager Feedback program comes back quickly!! I need to give serious Feedback!! :P

But this has been a beautiful trip, uptil now! Tonight is a friend's wedding, and he being a very close friend of mine, I am all excited!! Many of my friends are getting hitched, its like a wedding season! I am scared my parents will start bugging me of that... But its a very nice and festive season around!!

I finished reading the Twilight series, Finally!! And I loved it!!! :D Team Edward till the end of time!!!

Last But not the least, if i was in love before, I don't know how to put what I am in now, in words! Its simply beautiful. Why can't I be here, with him, forever! :) Wishful thinking!! We went to an amazing fort, this weekend and its raw beauty is soo romantic! And to have him around me, was even better!!


  1. A rambling indeed, but it is unusually hot Delhi during this time of the year. It used to be much more cooler earlier

    Enjoy your holidays.

  2. well written Deeps...and of course, Delhi is smashing in Decemeber..though this time, its a lil mellowed down as far was winters are concerned..
    and yes, being with someone u love around a place like Neemrana is awesome...:)cant be expressed in words..
    keep rambling....:) take care.

  3. hey ossum post ya... hey there is a delhi meet on 19, see Indiblogger for details.

  4. Climate change has affected many places across the globe. But for the past few days we find a chill in the air. Mornings are the best form of motivation to come back to writing. Great post - awaiting more during these 10 days :p

  5. I'm glad you liked the Twilight series- I'm team Edward, too. I even have a shirt that I bought when I saw New Moon the night it came out. :) The next books you should check out are the Sookie Stackhouse/southern vampire series by Charlaine Harris. I am ADDICTED to those! :)

  6. The fort looks awesome. I had plans to go there last weekend which didn't materialize :( Glad that someone else made it in my place and spent time with their special one.

  7. Wow, 10 days off that will nice, enjoy it! Glad to 'hear' you have a special someone and you are enjoying life:)

  8. I have heard so much about Neemrana, would love to visit once

    And yeah friends getting hitched means you too will find those knocks at your door

  9. indeed it was too cold this time ..