Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Delhi in December!!

Not like I am really busy or something, I was just on a read only phase for quite sometime. But as I woke up this morning I missed writing sooo much,that I was like - Lets get back with a Bang!! Well, no bang happening here but ya, I am writing and I love it!

I am on a long holiday from work!! :D By long, I mean 10 days off work including three weekends! So, Yaay Me!! There were a few work things to sort out with my manager as he sits in Delhi, but that is not happening apparently!! I hope the IBM Manager Feedback program comes back quickly!! I need to give serious Feedback!! :P

But this has been a beautiful trip, uptil now! Tonight is a friend's wedding, and he being a very close friend of mine, I am all excited!! Many of my friends are getting hitched, its like a wedding season! I am scared my parents will start bugging me of that... But its a very nice and festive season around!!

I finished reading the Twilight series, Finally!! And I loved it!!! :D Team Edward till the end of time!!!

Last But not the least, if i was in love before, I don't know how to put what I am in now, in words! Its simply beautiful. Why can't I be here, with him, forever! :) Wishful thinking!! We went to an amazing fort, this weekend and its raw beauty is soo romantic! And to have him around me, was even better!!