Friday, September 25, 2009

Changes Galore!!

As you can see, I have changed the template on my beloved blog!! :) I used to feel the old one was too plain; but the new one I think is looking too full! Is it really loads of things on one page? Or am I feeling it as opposed to its blank empty look! [And Yes, I am huge lover of black and purple, what, I can't be??]

Help!! :)

Suggestions are welcome, and all those who are Pro's with blogger, tell me if I've done anything wrong, or if there is more for me to do!!

O ya, before I forget! Samadrita, Thank You for my First Award!! And Sid, I shall do the tag soon!! Thanks for my first tag too!! :D

P.S: Samadrita: I will do the formal thank yous and posting of the Award a little bit later!

P.P.S: Major plans this weekend! Will tell you about it once I'm done with it!!

*Hugs* *loads of them* *kisses* *loads of them too*