Saturday, September 5, 2009

Being Able!

First and foremost, I think I am over using the Exclamation mark and I should stop!!! O what the heck! :)

The shifting of houses will happen mid-September, so, right now, is supposed to be shopping for the house time! This is the first time I'll be doing this, but surprisingly there's no apprehension. I am just simply excited and I think its a good thing!

I have always been someone who'd do anything for a friend! [I think I've mentioned this in earlier posts, and I don't mean to stress - I'm going somewhere with this :P]
Anything. As long as I can do it, or it is in my capacity to do it. Off late, I haven't been giving this my hundred percent to it. And I don't know why. No actually I do! I simply didn't feel like doing it. Helping a friend is one thing, doing something they want you to do, just because they don't want to do it[when it is really their work] is another.

In such a case, why is that I become the wrong one????? Arghh!! Never mind, somethings just don't change. Again, Right or wrong isn't definite right? It depends on people's perceptions. My right might not be your right.[if you're standing in front of me, then my right is your left :P, (sorry, bad joke)]

Its Sunday!! Why am I talking of stuff like this? I must sound all happy and cheerful! Well, I am happy and cheerful, because I could take that particular decision of not doing the thing my friend wanted me to do. I stood my ground and didn't give in to my habit of Yes, Surely, I'll do it for you! [P.S Friend, If you're reading this - I am extremely sorry for not doing it. It was for your career and I felt, I shouldn't be doing it - Principles I have started following]

Nevertheless, I couldn't meet up with "the guys" today for our weekend activity *lol*. I downloaded the complete WWE Summer Slam for one of them, but I couldn't go give it to him, and *sadly* he too is mad at me. But I am planning to give them a lunch surprise tomorrow! Hope it works out!! *Fingers crossed*

Its ADAM's[from the SKARD fame] birthday today!!!! Happy Birthday Darling!! You'll always be special!! Muaaah!! I wish I was In Bijapur with him, like someone else ;-), but its ok I guess!

Well, lots more happening this month! I'll be going to GOA with my girl friends, end of this month!!! Yaaay!!!!! I so need a break, haven't had one since almost two years!! Well hopefully this materializes, end of this month, or beginning of October - there are a couple of long weekends, so I wouldn't have to skip work!

Work, I have a choice to make. There are two roles I can chose from. One involves lot of customer interactions, and business development for net new clients, the other involves pricing
and financials with lesser interactions with clients(existing large clients). Both these roles have their pros and cons.
Being a naive software engineer that I am, both roles are relatively new an
d learning involved for me, both places is extremely high!

A couple of years down the line, I am looking at doin
g my MBA too. I am having a hard time deciding which role will be comparatively more beneficial to my MBA.

Lets see what happens at work on Monday, but suggestions are welcome!

I am feeling very good after writing all this, Like you already see, words as a form of life, is such a wonderful thing! No, Not my blog[ok maybe that too] but in the actual sense of it!

I'd love to write about love, and what impact my relationship has had in my life, but I don't want to. I have moved on and though the memories will always remain, I am a new person today. I have grown up. I never know, I might change my mind[regarding writing about it, not the relationship :P ;-) ] and someday write about all those beautiful and not so beautiful things that come packaged with "love".

I have nothing else to say! But I have loads of stuff to read! Blogs by all wonderful people! I am cursing myself for not having done this earlier. Better late than never,huh?

I am yet to comprehend the concept of awards, and other tagged posts. TMI Thursdays, all of them are hilarious reads, and if I could I'd give them the Best *Grossing Out and Burst With Laughter* Award - if there was such a thing!

Happy Sunday People! And loads of Love!! Muaaaaaaah!!!!

P.S I just read this tweet by Anthony Robbins :" A Rich man is nothing but a poor man with money! " I kinda liked it! yeah just kinda!