Friday, August 21, 2009

SKARD = F.R.I.E.N.D.S!! :D

Names have been changed to protect the identity of the Individuals

Friends you make when you're in school are completely different from the friends you make later on in Life! These school friends know you long enough that it doesn't seem necessary to know if they know you well enough, You'll always have that connection with them, no matter what!

I have had loads of friends through all the roads in life and everyone has had some impact on my life[big or small]. Right now I want to talk about one set of my friends - [yes, more often than not, I've had sets of friends] who made somewhat larger impact in my life. And why the impact was larger, was because, the age was such, the environment was such and the things we did were such!!

Today all of us are in different places in our lives, and I don't know about them, but I still have a deep connection with them, and can relate to them, the same way I could in those two years of my life!

I was out of school and wanted to go to a good college[well, who doesn't?]. My school had a college of its own, and it was one of the better colleges in the city. [atleast then it was one of the better - dunno about now.. :-P ;-) ]
So, what was the problem?? I didn't want to Join that college, I wanted to be in a cooler college, and not in a academically wonderful college! But fate had other plans and I joined the college in my school!

And with a class with more than 50% of students from my school - read friends - were with me, I met these new people from different schools, and different stations in life. Sharon, Kid, Adam and Rachael. Sharon and Kid bunked college the first day! And that actually became News! From the most popular schools is B'lore, they were a bit too much for the KK crowd. I was amazed. I was curious. I wanted to know them better. So, there I was shaking hands with Kid and thinking, his hands are sooo big, his voice is too loud! ;-). Next day, Sharon sits next to me through class, but since the languages opted by us were diferent, we had to sit in different classes. When she came back, she was with Rachael! This girl is not hot, not cute and not plain pretty. Rachael is simply put - "beautiful." With her long hair, amazing smile and those innocent eyes, I thought how come I didn't notice her before. Sorry rach! :)

Adam, don't really remember how I met him, one day after class, through another common friend, he was introduced to us.

Slowly, it started. Bunking boring classes and Cafe Coffee Day! Through all this, I also had lots and lots of friends from my school too who were dear friends. Some of them were shocked when I was hanging out with my new friends, and the others were just plain normal. We were rebels of sorts. It used to be major major fun together. Bowling, Coffee Day, Freeway19, Sweet Chariot Cafe, Kinetic rides to nowhere, sitting in Sharon's place for hours together, sitting next to each other the whole day in class and going back home and calling each other up and talking for hours over phone. Things were happening too fast.

Then Drama happened. Adam, Kid n Me were a part of the troupe. Sharon and rachael didn't join us. During this, we had new nice additions to our group. VJ, Zen, VG, Porno, Sin and Kids' lady loves. I loved the new gang. I cannot describe what happened during the 4 months of drama practice because of our oath. "what happens at Vegas, Stays in Vegas"!! But - "those were the best days of my life".. :) [Adam this is for you]. For all the ups n downs we had during drama practice - we won!! [did i mention it was a state level competition?? ] We came first!! Aah! what joy!

But still, my favorite memories of that year, was Sharon's Birthday and my birthday party!!!! :D Sharon's party was loads of fun!! with bowling and coffee and other spirits! For my party, I had invited all my friends. School friends, Childhood friends, Drama friends, Dance friends and ofcourse the SKARD gang! My favorite cousin was also present that day!! :-)!! And the events which followed both these parties were awesome! People not being in their senses, people falling in love, people falling out of love. There was sooo much drama in our lives at that point of time, that "the drama" we took part in, seemed very regular!

Then there was second year of college, which apart from serious studies to get into professional colleges contained a roller coaster ride for all of us! Hearts were broken, new relationships were made. Slowly, steadily, without any realisation, all of us started getting detached. At first we didn't realise it, but it hit us! [well atleast me] I was addicted to the gang, and then we were all away. I am still in touch with all of them and I still love them with all my heart. What I learnt in those two years still define a major part of who I am today!

Friends to me, are Extremely essential. My family has always told me that if I did half of what I did for my friends for family, then they'd be the happiest people in the world! I haven't been able to - make them the happiest people in the world. That doesn't mean I don't love my family!! :) I do. I'd do anything for them, I just haven't got the opportunity! Its just the Aquarian in me who can love sooo many people! What happened to all my friends? They are and they will always remain - No matter what!!