Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Truly Madly Deeply!

Back to the present! I have spoken enough about the past and its high time I get back to today. It sounds funny doesn't it? "Back to the present" Nevermind that. Happy Festival people! Ganpathi and Ramadan. :-)

I have been attending the GSB Seva Mandal's Ganpathi Celebrations here in Mumbai, and everyday it surprises me, in some way or another. First of all, the sheer size of the Idol, Gigantic!
Then, the number of people who actually come there, huge! 12:15 a.m on the third night, and still, people around are equal in number to the people who were present at around 7:00 p.m. And everyday, different people, diffierent communities.

There's a standing joke amongst all the GSB's, that the number of people from other communities are so huge, that, from Gowd Saraswath Brahmins, GSB in Mumbai will soon mean, Gujrathi, Sindhi and Bunts! Its nice catching up with family in the nights, I don't get to stay the whole day obviously because of work.

I didn't even imagine I'd like doing this so much. In Bangalore, I would have visited our Math(Kashi Math - the community temple) for one day and for, like, five minutes. Just go, pray and get back home, or out somewhere with friends! I miss Pooj's place ka Ganpathi and meeting all of Pooj's friends and relatives.

But one thing suddenly hit me, all of a sudden, when I was in the crowded pendal last night! Looking at all the people over there, I felt so completely alone and helpless. Why alone? Coz' I didn't have one person there who I could call my own, and why helpless? Coz' I actually have sooo many people (relative's and fellow community people) who could (and would) be there for me, as my people(of sorts), and I didn't want to be with anyone.

There's something which has been disturbing me from quite sometime, and I am unable to figure out what! I have been trying and trying, and I thought writing about it might help me. Well, lets wait and watch! :-)

I am also finding it difficult to have a proper decent conversation with anyone. Me! Someone who cannot shut up! I have no idea what I am supposed to say to whom. According to Mani - I need a new set of friends! How well she knows me. I am the curious kind. Inquisitive about everything I am not supposed to know about. If there's something available directly, I woudn't be as interested in it, as I would be if it was something I found out! :P

I think its high time I de-clutter my head! I am looking at shifting houses too! I am praying I get the one near office. It'll really be of huge help. I spoke to someone I wasn't supposed to speak to, today. And now, I am feeling guilty about it.

So, now why Truly Madly Deeply? Because I am truly trying hard to make things better with me! I am Madly in love with nothing or noone and I need to fix that soon ;-)! and Deeply, Coz' yet again I am Deeply in Awe of the city which has accepted me for who I am and for the versatility and strength the city has!

Thats it for now! Signing off! Will write soon, Again!! :-)