Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I think I am in Love!

Ha ha ha! Made you look! ;-)!

How many times have you thought to yourself - this? That you are in Love. It needn't be love wit someone of the other gender alone, but in love with people in general or even things. I remember looking at a very adorable looking dog and the First thing that hit me was - I think I'm in Love.
Even better, after you've read a book, a very very nice book, hasn't that thought creeped into your heads? That maybe, just maybe, you are in Love.

I have, many many many many and many number of times, well thought that I am in LOVE! And I think its perfectly ok when it is the dog, or some character in a book, or
a movie, or even a TV show[p.s i thought I was in love with Willis in "Different Strokes" when I was a kid, and had dreamt of growing up and getting married to him (you many now laugh out loud) and during high school it was obviously Steve ( how could anyone not love him) -D.J's boyfriend from "Full House" and more recently both Dawson and Pacey from duhhh! Dawson's Creek - Yes, I refuse to grow up from teen sitcoms :P] Yes, it really is OK to 'think' you're in love with them!!

But what if, that thing you're in love with [if only in your head] is not a thing or a piece of fiction? What if it is a friend? What if it is a friend's boyfriend? What if it is a married man? What then? Now, you very well know, that things are not going to work out, coz obviously, your love for that person isn't the forever kind, it is just the spur of the moment kind. Is it wrong? I mean, I love my friends, the way everyone loves their friends, but here I am talking about something completely different.

Having more guy friends than girls has left me in some sort of a dilemma. I don't really get some girl advice, when I really need one. The guys are great and all, but how can a guy possibly answer this question. Or can they?

Well, like I have clarified, I don't think I am in "love" with anyone right now. Neither the forever kind, nor the spur of the moment kind. It was just a thought I got today, sitting at home the whole day and reading about other people's love stories. [I am so in love with the love story project] and this thought just came to my head, like it has always creeped into my head several thousand times over the years.

I am at home because I am sick. And I am hating every bit of being sick! Weird thought I get.
I want to be either totally completely sick or be totally completely fine. This in between thing is not my cup of tea!! Urghhh!!

Thats it for now! I am going to turn my laptop off now! Else I will be definitely hung up on the Word Challenge on FB or playing UNO!

Love[the friend kind, he he he]