Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I Cannot believe I Just did that! Part Deux & The Tattoo Taboo

No, this isn't another post about how everything i typed disappeared. This is a post where I talk about doing something I have never done before. Before, you all think of some heroic stunt I might have pulled off, let me assure you, what I did has nothing to do with any achievement of any sort.

I went to see "THE UGLY TRUTH" all alone! :D

I have always wondered how someone can go to the movies all by themselves? I have always, always had someone I could take along and the concept of going alone was an alien one. More often than not, I used to see movies with groups of friends. And there are movies which I've seen with my special someone, and those which I've seen with my closest friends. But never alone. [I think I already made that point]

I loved the experience; I didn't think I would, but I did! And I want to thank Gerard Butler for that! He is simply Amazing!!!! How can anyone not love him?? I liked him in 300, then P.S I Love You happened. Having read that book, I had loads of expectations from it. It didn't live upto all of them, but Gerard Butler was the best Jerry there could ever be!! And in the Ugly truth, When he says all men want is lust and sex and to take control; you actually want to listen to him.. ;-)!!!

So, I'm done with the I cannot believe I did that portion.

In my previous post(which I couldn't post) I wanted to talk about tattoos too. One of my dear friends in Mumbai, got one done recently and me being someone who has always wanted to get one, was totally jealous happy and excited for him! All my conversations on saturday revolved around tattoos.

Being a Hindu Indian girl, getting a tattoo, is not seen well in the society. 9 out of 10 times people(not girls alone) are judged because they have a tattoo. One conversation with my cousin that day went like this:

me: " wish i could get my tattoo and not have anyone judge me"

S: if you really want one; get it done.

me: I know, I will. Just hope dad says its ok for me to get one.

S: Big deal; my colleague has one on her ankle, so, whenever she's at home she always wears trousers or skirts which go upto her ankle.

me: thats the whole point!! why should I get one, and then hide it? especially with family!

S: yeah! u're right, why should you?

After a couple of minutes;

S: you can get one at the back of your neck and leave your hair down at work and home!

me: Well!! what does that prove? same point!
S: O yeah!!

See! Its the corporate world and all that, and there is now rule in the rule book at office which says you shouldn't get a tattoo; but if you meet someone new at work, and they haven't seen you perform but they have seen your tattoo, then they have that preconceived image of what kind of person they think you are going to be!!

It isn't fair, is it? The choice to show or hide something as personal as a tattoo should be yours and not people around you, right? Well, thats what I think! As for me getting a tattoo, albeit the pain while getting it done, it will happen soon. Yes, I did mean that I am going to get a tattoo!!!!

I wanted something small yet exotic. Chinese symbol for love? peace? Or an Aquarius symbol?? O, I don't know! But it'll be on me - soon! [definition of soon is relative isn't it? a couple of weeks, a couple of months,a couple of years]

What do you think about getting one? and if you already have one, help me decide and give me the Do's and Dont's!!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!! Hope You have a Fab week!!


  1. You go girl! So I work in a professional setting but have always wanted a tattoo. My mom actually had 8..maybe 9? Mostly on ankles, but she has a big one that is on the calf of her leg. But I wanted one but didn't want it to be obvious- because I knew one day I'd get married and didn't want this tattoo sticking out, and I have to be able to wear skirts, so something on my ankle was out. SO...

    I got one on my right thigh. The outside of my thigh. You can see it when I go swimming, when I wear shorts, and obviously when I'm in bed with my hubby. It's a pair of dolphins. No special meaning- I just liked how it looked.

    Tips: Get it in a fleshy/fatty part of your body. It will hurt less. It basically feels like a sunburn. Mine is like 2 inches wide, and maybe 1.5 inches tall and took 10 minutes for outline and color. Love it. I would get more if I had the money! :)

    Also, I know people who get addicted to it- they just really like getting them done, love the art, so keep getting them. That starts to look kind of gross. Good luck and post pictures!

  2. I actually like going to see movies alone, because you don't have to worry about talking to other while the movie is going on. Gerard Butler was great in the Ugly Truth. He is such a good actor. Kudos for the tattoo in the corporate world. =)

  3. Well, I have never seen a movie alone in my life, but judging by the way you make it sound, I think i might give it a shot....


  4. Found your blog on 20sb. It's awesome =)

    I got a tattoo a few years ago, and LOVE it! At first, my parents were against my getting a tattoo... but I chose a simple tiny guardian fairy tattoo, in black outline, and had it done on my left shoulder. It didn't hurt at all. All shirts cover it, except tank tops, so it doesn't affect the work atmosphere. And my parents think it's classy and sophisticated (much to my surprise). Plus, it has tons of meaning to me (which is way too much to get into).

    Overall, this is my advice: Get a tattoo that you LOVE, that has MEANING, and that you can see yourself with when you're 60.

  5. I've never went to the movies alone either but Gerard Butler is just SO ridiculously good looking.

  6. Mr Butler is dangerously handsome... I found myself panting even. But he isn't enough to get me to go to the movies by myself. I don't eat out by myself either (well, I do in my car). As for tattoos, I have never seen one that I would like for my grandchilren to see on me... I don't think a tattoo would hold up under 90% cellulite, do you?

    PS Thanks for visiting my blog AND commenting! Now, that makes YOU awesome!

  7. I say go for it! I am a big fan of ink though. I have... wait, let me count... 7 of them. I have two on my left calf, one on my right calf, one on the inside of my right wrist, one on my right bicep, and one on each shoulder blade. Yeah, you can say it... ROCKSTAR!! It ain't easy being me.
    I can hide each of them and will for appropriate occasions. Nothing wrong with that. Don't look at it that way.
    This weekend I will try and get a blog together about all of them and give you the story behind each.
    Thanks for being a new follower btw... welcome to the pack!

  8. Ah, 300... one of the mightiest 'geek' films ever made. What a glorified gorefest. Really, it's films like that (and Sin City) that really make me question my own humanity. Should I ENJOY decapitations? Should I CHEER at impaling?

    I like going to the cinema alone (though I prefer just watching films at home on my computer!) It's nice being able to just focus on the film. It's not like watching films with other people is very social anyway... you're not meant to talk in a cinema...!

  9. Gerard Butler is ADORABLE and I'm a big fan of the movie alone. It's peaceful!

  10. I was thinking of going to see this movie alone as well. With few girl friends left in town and not wanting to drag the boyfriend to the film, I thought that would just be best. But I never found the courage to actually go. So good for you!

    I have also thought about getting a tattoo but need to find the balance of putting it somewhere that won't be seen at work but can still be seen by me. And somewhere not too trashy too... it's tough, so good luck!

  11. Yeah, you are right about the fears. Tattoo is taboo. You do get categorized in India. BUt there are some interesting tips already in the comments section :).
    I strictly watch movies ALONE. That's when I enjoy them the most. No distractions whatsoever.
    Watched 300 thrice. Have been telling my friends sine then that if any of then ever decide to suicide, then allow me to kick them in a well.

  12. Oh I love going out alone and doing stuff on my own.
    tattoos.. same is here.. can’t get one but dreaming about it ;D

  13. hey... tattoo... I am a man and I think you should not because...
    1/ If later you change your mind... very tough to erase it...
    2/ As you said, it can make some troubles for you in social...
    3/ I think it would not make you much more better with a tattoo... you're pretty enough ^^
    So, if you really REALLY want to have one, I think just try some of sticker-liked tattoo (now they sell such stuff a lot)

    Have a nice weekend and hope you have a good decision.

  14. I guess it's a bad idea to get yourself tattooed. Like galaxy said, it's addictive. I've seen many friends who's been going through this syndrome :). however, if you wish to get one done, i guess this link (i'm sure you must have already browsed thru many) should help!

  15. I've never done the movie alone thing, but you made me want to try it.

    As for the tattoo, I say go for it if you really want one. BUT, make sure you are absolutely sure on the design and what you are getting. Plan it out. Get use to the idea of it being there. If you do this, there should be no problem. I have two and I love them, but in the way I love any part of my body. They are just there...part of me now. They are both in very visible places- one on the right wrist and the other one the left. People notice them, but it hasn't been a problem at work for me. Keep us posted.

    Oh, and thanks for following me!

  16. Go get your tatoo . . I have one and I've never regretted having it done and it didn't hurt at all!!

  17. Get a nice cool tatooo.... i don't quite agree with the hindu I have a tatoo of OM and trisul on my shoulders.

    It doesn't hurt that much.

  18. BTW u r a computer science engg???
    Oops... i feel kinda pity when i see people who travel on the same boat whichz gonna sink... khe khe khe...
    same pinch... m an engg too.. :((

  19. Nothing wrong with ENGINEERING... but straight computer science, yes...

    But that boat has been 'sinking' for ages. It will never be completely antiquated, as long as we use computers -- and you keep reskilling. Just don't rest on your laurels -- your degree itself will be very shallow compared to what 'computer science' actually entails.

    ... khe khe khe...

  20. @Sebastian - I agree, when you plan to remain in that field, you need to keep reskilling! I have different "plans". I have a job which is around Business Development and Marketing; and in a couple of years I plan to do my MBA in marketing! So Engineering helped me get a job. period. The rest I do on my own!! p.s: I read ur Geek girl post - and I think I'm only half geek - :P

  21. Well, as they say, a degree is more of a 'degree in life' nowadays -- not really proof that you're good in a particular area.

    It's just the first step on the long, career road...!

    Half-geek? Well, better than no geek at all :)

  22. dude get a tattoo already!!
    my family was a li'l stunned at first but they came around and kinda liked my tattoo!
    my younger sis is gettin one too and SURPRISINGLY mum and dad are helpin out pickin the right one.

    Go for it!

  23. Congratulations on going to your first movie by yourself! It's kind of nice isn't it? :)