Thursday, October 1, 2009

My Firsts!! :) First Award and First Tag!!

Like I promised in my previous post, I will do this in a better way!!

So, first n foremost Thank You Samadrita for my First Award!!! :D

These are her rules for them:

1.)You have to display the award in your sidebar mentioning who you got it from with a link to his/her blog....well in this case my link (well wouldn't you say I deserve a li'l  gratitude? :D)
2.)You can keep this award only to yourself or pass this on to more deserving bloggers of your choice.I leave the decision to you.(I'd say pass it on to others...spread the warmth)

Its so strange, I through out my posts, the one thing which I have gone relentlessly about is about my friends and what friendship means to me! So, when my first award is "The Circle Of Friends" Award!! 

Time for sharing the love!! Sharing is caring, isn't it? ;) <3 <3

I present this fabulous award to :

Smart Ass Sara: Her Organized Chaos is a wow read!! Plus her presence makes me feel extremely special!! 

Andhari: This Insomniac Lolita is awesome!! If you haven't read her yet, do now!! :)

Archana: I know She as already received this one, nevertheless, I wanted to give it to her!!

Gloria: Her Spanish View is an extremely cute blog!!

Urvashi: Her Corner has loads of nice goodies!!

Vidhu!! : Here darling is ur Award!! :) You're already in my circle of friends!!

Krissy: She is Krissy, and now, She's in my Circle of Friends!!

Well I love loads of blogs!! And I keep Commenting :)
Sometimes, I just read and not comment, but that doesn't mean I love them any less! :) 

Looking forward to more!! ;-)

Now for the TAG: Brand Power!!

Sid tagged me to do this one, and though I am not a Brand whore, I do have a couple I can name!! ;)

I wake up with this and I go to sleep with this, I know its time to change, but I don't want to give up on this!

My Darling Sony Ericsson Phone!! 

My Soap, Shampoo, Conditioner is Dove!! Feels sooo good!! :D I used to use L'oreal, but drifted to this after Mumbai Happened. Planning to move back to L'oreal soon, as my rebonded hair needs it! ;-)

The Second Most Popular Brand in the whole world, 

Second only to Coke, is the Company I work for - IBM!

My Wrist watch, Yes it was a gift! So what? I still louve my watch!! and its DKNY!! :)

And well Many Many More, But nothing specific coming to my head right now!! 

A loads happened this weekend!! And the next post is about that!! So in my head right now is only only that!! :D

O yeah! Anyone one who wants to do this Tag can go ahead and do that!! The question is about Choice my dearies!!