Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Weekend that Was!!!

It all started with PP* and me deciding that we needed to bond further, and strengthen our already strong friendship of 22 years!! We're DAY 0 Friends! ;-) Meaning, We've known each other from the time I was brought into this world(she's older than me by 1 year)!! We also wanted a nice vacation, since we've been working without any holiday for too long. We narrowed down on the place - The Party Destination of India - GOA!!

Knowing each others dads, and how we've been brought up, we were skeptical about them giving us permission to actually go to Goa, as we were supposed to be "girls only" and its not very safe. So as usual, we planned a back up plan! But to our utter surprise, both dads said ok immediately!! [ notice how good we are, when we still ask for permission when we're 22 & 23 respectively ]

So I generally happen to mention this at work the next day, and I had friends from office who also wanted to join in! With PP, another college friend of mine said she'd join in, and so did PP's people! It was just gonna be a girl gang party! The dates were fixed, our accommodations were booked, the only thing not confirmed were our mode of travel. We zeroed down on trains and finally, just somehow managed to reach Goa!! [ the train journey itself is another story - a love story of sorts infact which deserves a post of its own]

I am not mentioning a major part of our trip; which I will in a future blog! It is sort of a surprise!! :D [hint: I think I am in love all over again - and this time with my guy ;)]

The girls were awesome fun!! We went to most of the beaches and were playing loads n loads in the water!! :))!! There was a certain incident when a sidey guy walked up to us and asks us where we are from! [Don't know where he gathered the guts from, but kudos to him!] He was a creepy looking guy, and we pretended to ignore him. Then he says - "Tell me no pulease"! We give him dirty looks!! Then he says - " are you not interested in me??" in a very very indian ghati accent! yuck! PP looks at him and says NO! And he does a very sweet puppy face and leaves!

And then we did Hookah!! And I am soo in love with the Hookah! It gives you a high that even alcohol doesn't. Smooth, delicious and that little tipsyness! Its not like we've not done this before, but there, in goa, by the sea shore, the wind, the water and the hookah - lovely feeling!!

Then by about 11:00 p.m we hit Tito's! An amazing nightclub! Where we danced and danced till the DJ played the last song at about 4:00 a.m :) I love dancing, and I love my friends!! So, you can imagine my delight.

The next day, tired as we were we played UNO till lunch time. Then headed to a fantastic lunch place after which we went to an extremely beautiful fort. The view from that place was simply exhilarating!! Jet skiing was awesome! which was done at a beach close to the fort; even if it was off season!!


One of my friends is moving to Boston for 6 months! So we had a surprise send off party too with yummy chocolate pastries and played a game similar to poker till the 6 tequila shots and the rest could keep me awake !!

O yeah, and before that, we got body art done!! :D

I was riding a two wheeler after aages!! and that was fun too!! :) It is a place where everyone should go, atleast once in their lifetime!!

 For the party, we picked up something to add some spice! Our Horny Hats!! ;) All night all we were talking about was how someone is hornier than the other [based on the light glowing, n nothing else :P]

I don't want to say anything else, until a future post when I can tell you guys EVERYTHING!!
I love the girls!! n they're simply superb!!

Sid, Thank You for More Awards!! Will do the due in another post! :)