Sunday, October 4, 2009


I haven't been in my element lately. I personally didn't like my previous post! Mind was elsewhere!!

Remember a post in which I mentioned I had the almost perfect guy, but I gave up on him? I broke up with him?? Well, yes. I did!! And from then to now, both of us have grown up and changed considerably. I suddenly realised i don't think I don't love him! You know what I mean??

Being together for almost 4 years, I have always always wanted him to give me a surprise! But him being the cancerian guy that he is, has always told/consulted/mentioned everything to me. Be it a gift, a party for me, or even an outing planned.

He had to wait for us to be away from each other to actually ACTUALLY give me a surprise!! And O sweet god, it was one of the best journeys of my life. The surprise he gave, the conditions which it lead to, and the "stuff" between us and where it is now! Its extremely confusing!! But I'd love to put it into words, than being thoughts creating ruckus in my head!!

Its soo new and fresh, either it feels totally different, or I hadn't felt this before!! More about this when I organize my thoughts!! :D

<3 <3 love you guys!! Need ur support!! and have a fabulous weekend!!

P.S: I had a major bonding session with one of my Guys from mumbai!! so me happy abt that too.. :P!!! :)


  1. some guys like me are really poor at giving surprises ... so it happens.. i can understand the situation you are in .. it happens wioth so many of us .. dont worry

    my supoprt is extended ...

    have a great day u too ...

    by tc....

    regards ...

  2. I totally get that. But beware- they don't change. :) They are essentially who they are. Well wait..they do change. They get a little more lazy if you know what I mean. Once they feel like they've got you- they sometimes will just stop trying. That's my struggle.

  3. I relate being a cancer! I can never surprise my boyfriend..its a curse!

    Thanks for stopping by and congratulating me on my SITS day!

    btw I love your background..its my twitter background! hehe

  4. The blogosphere's support has gotten me through a lot. ;-)

  5. Can't wait to hear more. Soon please!!! Hugs:) Like your new template!!

  6. hi, just happened upon your page via sits I think.

    my two cents, time doesn't change them, it is too funny, ya gotta take the good with the bad.

  7. Hmm well I've never gotten back with someone I'd broken up with but then you never know.Maybe this is your guy after all.
    But I agree with Smart Ass Sara.Guys would do a lot of things to get your attention or get you in their lives but once that is done their attention starts to drift.

  8. ok woman, when something of this nature happens u call me or ping me or something. I can't believe I am finding out from your blog!!!!!!!

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  10. Oh wow. I totally get what you mean. My boyfriend and I have been a couple for four years now too. Well good luck with everything. =)

  11. Hmmmm..good that you put down ur feelings in writng... helps you to be more clear in what you are thinking. My Support is always with u..!!Remember aquarian..U r my next best friend..!!

    TC.Keep smiling :)