Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Moving from One place to another : houses and in life!

Last Sunday, I finally shifted from my aunts place to a small flat, which I'll be sharing with 3 other girls!! Yes, the same house I was talking about here, if you recollect!

For the first time, I have been living with complete strangers, and although my well-wishers and friends were skeptical about this decision of mine, they've supported me, and the roomies are awesomme! :D :D!!

So what if they are 4-5 years older than me? They have lived on their own for such a long time, and are there to guide me, and help me not make the same mistakes they made when they were new! They're loads of fun!

Ok, So why haven't I been blogging lately? No, I haven't been busy with my roommates, I wish I was though, I had been away to another aunt's place coz' it was long overdue. And after that I did something which I really can't say here, Because, a) its much much worse ( or better, depends on how you take it) than this and this and b) If I tell you, then I'd have to Kill you! :P but mainly it is c) Its too personal and I cannot share it here, yet, but whatever it was, it was simply amazing!!!!!

Love this Pic - that's the 4 of us in Goa, and another one who clicked this!!

Life was at cross-roads some days ago, and now it is crystal clear. Why do things happen when you least expect it? Have you ever felt that before? That you are looking for something, with all your heart and soul, and when you don't find it, all the passion seems to die down, and then from nowhere, miraculously, you feel that your questions have been answered!

And it need not always be a good thing. The same can happen when its not such a good thing too. But right now, its the good things we'll focus on! :)

In general, in a relationship, when things aren't perfect, or not going your way, why does the person end up being blamed? Why not the situation? When you have loved someone so dearly, why would you belittle them because of some non-important thing? And why is it that, when you've decided not to love anymore, you cannot not love that person, who taught you what love is? Who was there in your journey learning, along with you about love? Isn't life all about finding happiness in small things? Isn't life about making tiny compromises [ with or without your liking in it] but living it nevertheless?

What makes us, the "know-all" about life n love anyway? We are all learning every single day of our lives, aren't we?? Is it wrong to change your opinion? Can decisions once taken not be changed when you actually see the impact of a probable wrong decision? It is about moving on... from "here" to "there".

And what matters are those people who are with you, "here" and "there", and also those who were only "here", but not there, coz they've helped you get "there" in some way or the other, and about people who are going to be "there" who will make "there" better than "here" or the other way round, but you end up gaining! Experience. You stand a winner, no matter what you've been through - either "here" or "there"! :)

P.S: I have no idea how I started talking about stuff here!! ;) I think its the blog magic!! I'd love to hear from you guys about my haphazard state of mind anyway:) :) :)