Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Well, the day is finally nearing, the day I start my daily rambling my activities everyday, for 250 days!

Lets see, if any growing up happens. And since blogger doesn't have a password protect option I am considering wordpress or tumblr. Anyone have any suggestions?

When I started this post, I was talking about moving houses. You have heard about moving from one place to another in my old posts - here, here and here. Lo and behold. I will be moving houses again! So, this time, I'll be moving houses as well as blog address. This one will always be the primary one. And the one closer to my heart.

one of my favorite pictures - courtesy me!
UPDATE: I have decided on WordPress! :) :) So, If needed, my 250 to 25 Day Project will be showcased here : My WordPress World!!