Tuesday, May 31, 2011

When you write everyday!

From the time I have started writing, there have been times when I simply don't have anything to say. There have been times, when I haven't posted anything for months together. So, when I took up the challenge of writing everyday, I knew it was going to be difficult, but I didn't imagine to be this difficult.

The positive about this, is, that everyday, however it is, I try a little bit harder to make it better, coz I know I have to write about it. So, if I'm low, I cheer myself up! If I've had a considerably boring day, I try and make it productive or good, just because I have to write about it.

Why can't I do this everyday? Regardless of whether I'm writing or not? It feels good, when you go to sleep with a smile. I can say this, because, it has been only 8 days, and there have been many things that have upset me or made me feel low. In a normal scenario, I would have stayed upset, and gotten more frustrated over time. [Well, yeah! it happens sometimes, doesn't it?] But not this time. This time, I decided to only see positives in every situation, and keep me up and charged for the next day!

Writing on wordpress, is completely different compared to blogger, and initially, I wasn't liking it much, but it has sort of grown on me. Blogger is still my first love! ;)

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