Friday, May 6, 2011

What Am I Passionate About??

All the gaga I did, about being passionate in my last post. [If u haven't read it, read it here.] Made me wonder, and now, am forced to wonder [thanks to Daddy dearest] what am I really passionate about?

First, what is the difference between Passion and Desire? They don't mean the same thing. [Obviously]

Desire: Interested in doing something, but will do it or continue doing it only if convenient.

Passion: Interested in doing something, and will do it No matter what.

Now that we've cleared that, I'll make a list of things I desire first. [We'll try and figure out, by the end of this blog, what I am really passionate about ]
  • To become a Choreographer: I love to dance. I have been teaching dance for school and stuff since school. No, I haven't been trained in any particular dance art form other than Bharatanatyam; but I still dream about being a Choreographer one day. 
    • Why haven't I become one yet?
      •  I still choreograph these days, but for weddings only, and that too close friends and relatives. I don't dance on a regular basis. [I know I should :( ]
      • I want to learn other forms of dance professionally, and not just by watching shows like Dance India Dance, Jhalak Dikhla Ja or So You think You can Dance. 
  • To get into Media/ Televison: I have wanted to work for a media house from the longest time. If I got work in UTV or BBC or MTV, I'd do anything. 
    • Why haven't I joined one yet?
      • Places like this needs contacts, and I don't know if I can use the ones I have. 
      • I don't know, if my dad would approve of me working here, if the work is not good enough. 
      • I'm slightly prone to distraction, and the image you have about people in media, is a little distraction can cause a lot of damage. 
  • To prepare well for GMAT: Now this definitely has nothing to do with me being lazy. This is something I am going to do. But, that constant nagging in the head which needs me to justify why I want to do my MBA, is extremely critical. 
Ok, by now, I should have figured out what I am passionate about. I still don't know. Currently I'm very very passionate about this blog, and don't want to stop writing here. 

Reading my past couple of posts, and after doing some self introspection, I think, I'm passionate about people around me. And this has made me over do the relationship - friends, love, relatives everyone, I tend to do extra. And then, with more people than not, I realize that, I'm just another person in their lives, and not someone special, and because you have always done extra, they stop valuing it and start expecting more. Human psychology is like that, I'm guessing,  not that I know loads about it. 

I have had experiences in the past, which keep me fairly detached these days. Atleast with new people. Even if I'm hurt/ I'm sad/ angry, I have learnt to mask it and move on. Not a good feeling, but its better than feeling bad for a long time, no?

So, What am I passionate about?? I think I still have to figure that out. Can I chose, what to be passionate about? I think I can, And thats what I am going to do! :D :D :D 

Have I mentioned, I have the most awesome dad! He asks me to figure out what i am passionate about, so that I can pursue it.. Then he inspires me to make the right choice.. based on pros n cons.. and then.. 10 mins later, he calls just to tell me, that he loves me loads, and it'll remain the same whatever I chose to do in life!! I don't know why, but I think I wanted to listen to that, today! Thanks Na! You're the best!

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  1. Oh yeah even I'm stuck in this battle of desire and passion. Its not easy to figure out what you want to do with life. Unless ofcourse your parents butt in!!

  2. your lucky to have a supportive dad!
    lovely blog you got here..
    may be we can follow each other!!

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  4. And then, with more people than not, I realize that, I'm just another person in their lives, and not someone special.

    damn that must have hurt. or angered.

    but then u realize, being special isnt all that big a deal, having moments that were special is. :)

    btw, hey.

  5. my 4 are i am with you (in the your sentiment about passion)

  6. Haha.. confusion is so natural, I am always lost like this..
    I know it's great to have supportive parents :)
    Hope you find your passion soon..


  7. hmm.......a very introspective post.....i guess everyone has their sure u will follow urs!!