Monday, June 6, 2011

So Much, So That!

FYI - Day 9, Day 10 [I saw ShahRukh Khan], Day 11, Day 12, Day 13 and Day 14!!

I'm feeling terrible for ignoring this space!

But there's not much for me to write here. I have been saying all that I want to There! Is this what people feel when they cheat on their spouses?

Aah, Brainwave. I have been wanting to talk about something from the time I read about it, all those years ago.

When two people, work together, they tend to spend more time together, than their own spouses. They go through highs and lows together, and come to a stage where, the understanding they have with each other is what they desired to have in an ideal relationship. Is this considered cheating? I think not. Thats just pure work Chemistry. Right? It is not cheating as long as its platonic? But when you share feelings with someone, and that someone is not your better half, isn't that cheating? Consider the rest as fiction!

Is a relationship only based on the physical relationship people tend to share? I had read it, back in college, when the George W. Bush controversy happened, and it intrigued me. Then years later, I joined work. When I moved to a different city, different office, I saw the phenomenon. Office colleagues, who were over-dependent on each other. I used to think, that, sometimes its ok in office, to have good friends, right? I have friends, and the we greet each other with a side hug in office! But what I saw, was different.

They were possessive about each other. They didn't like it if a third person was talking, in the absence of the other. More with the unmarried girl, than the married man. What was it between them? I don't consider having a Office Spouse as infidelity. So, initially, I was extremely normal. But time, aggravated it. I saw things, I didn't want to see. And, people around were talking about them. How could they not know?

I still don't have answers to my query. I'm not sure I even want Answers!! So much, so that - it gives me jitters!

Well, all's well that end's well. I wish not to go down memory lane, for more such Incidents.