Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Delhi Diaries Part I

Its been long since I blogged, I know!! However, this time round, I ain't guilty! Why should I be? I love this space, and I have been visiting all the wonderful  blogs around me, reading and seeing real awesome stuff. Thanks to Facebook! :D

I am addicted to it. Facebook that is, and I tried to stay away from it. I deleted my account [the temporary kind]  and stayed without it for 20 whole days!!!! I *sheepishly* cheated. I had the id and password of a friend. SO I logged in to Facebook through his account and stalked all the mutual friends we had! Considering I have more friends than him, it became difficult not being on FB and I joined right back!!

Addiction is another thing, I don't believe in. How can anyone get addicted to anything? So, me being me, tried to figure out, what exactly was my relationship with Facebook. Why do I feel the need to be incessantly logged into it? It used to be Sorority Life, once upon a time. Today it isn't so.

I think that the fact that I live away from home, which means I have not only left behind family, but also loads of my friends behind, leads to me having a certain kind of craving, to know everything, Coz I feel I am missing out on so much!! And Now that I have moved to the Capital [ of India] (Yes!! For all you people who didn't know yet, I have moved to DELHI!!! :D , ok back to rambling... :P ) I not only have my friends from Bangalore who I miss so much, I also have my friends from Mumbai( o, how much I love thee!) who I miss loads n loads. So staying in touch becomes necessary, don't you think? :)

And hence the strange addiction to Facebook! * i ain't sure if it is true, but doesn't it give a logical reason for my obsession??* 

Its been almost three months since I moved to Delhi. Well, Noida, to be precise. [ok, a quickie, How many of you knew NOIDA was short for New Okhla Industrial Development Area?? ] My reason for choosing NOIDA, is something, I am not going to elaborate right now, but I kinda like this place. A. Lot.

Thank god for the wonderful family I had back in Mumbai, I had a support system which I didn't realize was so strong till I moved to this place. Here I do not have family, but I have a few friends and special people, who make me feel part of home. Three months here have been craaazy and I can't wait to see what the future holds for me. 

I found a wonderful place to live, thanks to Sulekha.com :). Its like the house I have always wanted, well almost. Its a lovely duplex three bedroom apartment and two wonderful flat mates. Yes! I have a bedroom all to myself. Remember the fab house I found in Mumbai?? In that House we were 4, yes FOUR girls living in a single bedroom house. I loved that house too, but you see, coming from there, how very fantastic my new house sounds? :) Yeah, it is. 

I started this blog, when I moved to Mumbai. To write about my feelings, experiences and life in general. Slowly, I found I was writing because I wanted to be read, I started having loads of followers, and what I wrote, when I wrote it, and how I wrote it all things started revolving around people who are reading it. I somewhere stopped writing for me, to vent out my feelings, my emotions. Thats the reason, I didn't blog for so long. I love reading other blogs, and I love it more when people read my ramblings. I just wanted to write for another reason.

More soon. I promise! :) *hugs*


  1. OMG! you are in Noida! That is so super. YAY! and i am glad that you are back here. I was just wondering you had a long long break. But it is fine now... So when are you coming to Delhi?

  2. Interestingly I too have moved to Delhi (from Pune) very recently. I am writing Delhi diary on my Marathi blog ..!!

  3. Yeah Noida is a good place...in the whole NCR area...