Thursday, March 31, 2016


You know its a blessing that you cannot see my blogger dashboard. The number of half written posts that are lying there waiting to be completed; I always feel sorry for them, but I, like them, am surviving on hope. Hope that a day will come when they can be seen by the world and accepted for who they are. 

I'm here today to publish this post and publish this I will; there is a determination today and I hope it doesn't fizz out by the end of this post. *fingers crossed*

[If you could only see how fast I'm typing this post :P ]

So, stories. 

Over the past one year or so, I sat and collated all the movies I have in my various hard disks to one particular device so that (a) I know what movies I have and (b) there are no duplicates and I'm not wasting any precious byte space.

Now that I am done with movies, the next object that is crowded in my memory [ of physical hard disks, of course ] are the pictures. Anyone and everyone who knows me probably also knows that I have liked to click and collect memories from a long long time. So much so that I have back ups of most of my pictures in almost all my hard disks. Which has now cumulatively added up to be more than 1 TB of data!! I think [or rather assume] that once the duplicates are eliminated the total size should reduce by at-least 500 - 600 GB. 

I have no idea if any of you will be able to relate to me doing this mundane yet extremely necessary activity. But I do recon that it will be time consuming and exhausting. So, to make my job a little interesting I cleverly decided to give me more work. But this work I think I'm going to love.

I'm going to post stories along with  pictures to try and relive the good, the bad or whatever I've captured or whatever I've stored with me. The plan is to store the pictures chronologically, but the posts might not be chronological in nature. I want to relive some moments, or put my memories out there to share with this huge void of the internet and maybe feel joy n loved. 

I'm rather excited about this [for now] and I'm praying I stay this way for a loooong time. [And hence the necessity of publishing this post - some sort of a written contractual agreement]

Thats it! Now that this is getting published I have no choice but to go ahead and do it!
Wish me luck, and if you don't see progress - prod and torture me till they are out! :) :P

Loads of love,