Thursday, April 7, 2016

When Life is Just another Round of Musical Chairs!!

** Note: Below is one of the posts which I had typed around 6/7 months ago but hadn't posted. So here goes! Start Music!! **

When you contemplate writing for a little less than two years, but you don't; and then you start typing, it feels really weird. Now that we have that out, maybe I can begin. :)

Hello hello hello! Welcome back [to me]! :)

What goes around, does come around. I think I wrote about it three posts ago, but since its been years since then - its still so true right? I came  back to the same topic now didn't I?

I've been thinking about this since Mr. Abdul Kalam Sirs death. How fortunate are those, they said, who die when they are doing something they love. How many of us get to die when we are dancing., singing, reading, watching movies, sleeping or doing what we love doing?  Not many, right? And those who do, we consider them lucky / blessed? I believed so too... But then, that's because how many of us actually do a lot of things that we love to do? We have modelled our life to be monotonous doing things we are supposed to be doing instead of doing things we love!

So the trick really is to keep on doing what you love, as much and as often as you can. This works out great because, as we know practice makes one better and we all know about the 10,000 hour rule don't we? (Refer Outliers the book). We humans are so strange; when life is haphazard we need a routine and when there is a routine, we crave for variety; we need drama. 

When we were kids, and were asked over and over about what do we want to do when we grow up, why weren't we asked who we wanted to be? How many of us have figured out what we want to do, for the rest of our lives? And have we figured out who we want to be? chances of us knowing who we don't want to be are higher than us actually figuring out who we DO want to be! I apologise for generalising; maybe people have that figured and I haven't yet! 

I've discussed in some old blogpost ( I'm typing on my phone and hence unable to link said post now)  about how I set goals and don't really complete them. It has lead me to confer that maybe I'm not in control of my life, my feelings etc. Is it really just laziness or is there something bigger in picture? I don't think I'm that lazy or that big a procrastinator that I cant complete personal projects. Because when I was at work or doing things for others I tend to complete everything required on time or before time and I work bloody hard at it. So if I can do it at work why can't I do the same for myself? 

Don't I love what I'm doing? Do I know what I love? What is scaring me the most is that I'm losing my creativity. The one thing that I could pride myself of, and if I don't have that anymore then what am I? Who am I? I hope it is just like the writers block I've had, and overcome it over a period of time. But that hasn't stopped it from making me crazy. 

That's why I think life is like playing musical chairs; we never know when the music will stop and what seat we'll get to sit on; is it the right seat? Is it the seat we wanted or the seat we needed? And who is in charge of music?? 😍☺️😍☺️