Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What goes around...

Comes around! :)

Its said, life travels in Circles, just like our beloved earth.

So, what goes around, comes around. Is that why Karma is said to be such a bitch?

How many people, intentionally want to hurt another? and How many people end up hurting another? This can be credited to the fragility of human emotions. Since it isn't tangible or measurable, and it won't provide the same results every time, how can you assure someone, or yourself for that matter that there won't be hurt involved.

And somewhere in between all this, hurt and love, is the biggest culprit of all. Expectation! It single handedly can ruin a perfectly mediocre moment. So imagine what it can do a potential good one?

Its happiness in a form of pain, its kindness in the form of hurt. What is it, and why does it feel that way? There is a far away emotion, which I have forgotten to feel. I don't know if it will ever exist or if I am the only one who can fix it. Usually, that is what I tell myself before I go ahead bettering myself, that is what I tell myself when I want the pain to go away. Maybe because that's the truth. Like, who is responsible for a person to feel anything? Joy, Sorrow, love, hatred, hurt or expectation even? That person himself right? That is what I tell myself. Because that IS the truth.

I had started writing this post close to around three months ago, and have continued it in random intervals. Usually, i lose the continuity and delete such posts, but this one is different. The emotions are real, the feelings are real.

You tend to make decisions in life, all for the better; Only difference is, you never really get to know when the better part sets in. The unpredictability of life is one of the best experiences to be experienced.

My little brother[who's not that little any longer] reminded me about my blog. In his own small sweet way, he wanted to remind me, that, even though we don't talk to each other as often as want to, he knows how brutally honest I become when I'm writing and I think he wanted me to set me straight. I didn't think I'd hit the publish button on this erratic thinking post of mine, but for him, here goes! Love you PRM! Always and forever. You always make me want to be a better person.

goofy us!