Monday, February 11, 2013

That thing you do!

You, doing that thing you do... Breaking my heart into a million pieces, Like you always do!

And you, don't mean to be Cruel, You never even knew about the heartache, I've been going through...


Friends, life, happiness to me, somehow are all synonymous. I tend to give them equal importance. And its a good thing! :)

When life has so much to give, why do we still stop to look at what we are getting. Everyday, every second is a bonus - a blessing. So, when they said the world was ending, I was looking forward to it; coz every moment after that was a bonus and it was perfect to end at that time.

In a place, where I don't want anything negative to affect me, in anyway. There is no point in being unhappy.
Like dad says, everything happens for the good, so find the Aanandam - and you'll attain the Paramaanandam. Peace.

Will continue in a bit. Right now, I just want this published!

Everyone's definition of love is different....the way a person loves u is the way they wanna be loved! :)