Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Let the Writing, Begin!

I have something exciting to say!!

After having nothing to say for the last so many days, I have decided to start writing everyday.

Inspired by Shilpa VK who is currently chronicling 1000 days before turning 30; I will be doing the 250 days till I turn 25!!

Shilpa, is not just a fellow blogger. She is a Brand Manager in P&G. She is the Director & Co-Producer of a Indie Movie based out of Singapore - Mausams. It was screened in Singapore from 1st April to 11th April, and got rave reviews from everyone who got to see it.

Poster Of Mausams - via movie website

Wish I could see it! I will, I am hoping, in the near future.

I know, its been really long since I blogged about anything. I was just going through a personal silence. There was soo much going on, that I didn't know what I could say, what I couldn't.

But now, that I have decided to Chronicle my days, till my 25th birthday, I am hoping things in the head will settle down and soon. :) :)

SO, the 250 days will Start on 23rd of May. So till then, there'll be preparations, and plots as to what I'll be talking about.

O, and yes, INDIA won the WORLD CUP!! WOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!! It was sooo sooo soooo amazing. Both the semi-finals and the finals!!! I actually saw people on the streets till 3-4 in the morning rejoicing. Hugging perfect strangers, hooting, shouting, singing, dancing in the streets.

I am so glad, I got to experience what I did! :) :)

Writing feels amazing, doesn't it??? :)