Friday, April 22, 2011

I AM [ Friendships ]

I have spoken a lot about my friends. I am just going to continue doing that.


Before that, Sharing this song. Listening to it on repeat and loving it more, each time I listen to it!

p.s: Anurag Kashyap is gonna be acting in this. I AM all excited, are you? :) 

I am in Bangalore for a friend's wedding. And this time, I actually had the time to catch up with most of the people I wanted to meet. Life changes so much, doesn't it? Its only been three years since we finished college in 2008. Most of them are getting married. Girls and Boys alike. Now, my parents are also concerned worried and behind my life regarding the whole marriage fiasco. I have stalled them for 3 years from now. But, my mom is relentless! :) :) I love her to bits! But there's only so much I can take. 

The whole thing about its the right time to get married and all of that. Who really knows whats the right time, and whats not? Shouldn't marriage happen when two people who want to spend the rest of their lives together decide to legalize their relationship? I have nothing against marriages where the parents decide and the children agree. All I'm asking is, why it is like that? A simple explanation would be more than sufficient. :)


Last night, after attending my friend's reception, I had the most amazing time with one friend who is the only one I can talk talk to. The fact that I am that honest with him, is crazy. Not that I lie to my other friends, :p but I can think aloud with him, and more often than not, he'll know exactly what I meant to say. Phases, our friendship went through, looking back at them today, I felt it was necessary. Not all of it, but yes most of it. 

I made my share of mistakes. When, Harry Potter and The Half Blood Price was out, people around me, [mean mean ppl that they were] told me the suspense - that Dumbledore dies in the end. Now, this friend and I used to discuss the series, book by book. So, when he called and mentioned the half blood prince; assuming he was also going to tell me about Dumbledore's death, I like a kid complaining to its mom, said, ya ya, I know Dumbledore dies at the end, Snape kills him. He cut the call on me. I call him back and he doesn't pick for around half an hour, and then finally picks the phone and shouts at me for telling him the suspense. I try and explain why I did what I did, but no, he was furious, and rightfully so. I also was furious at the people who had told it to me; but my reaction wasn't even one tenth of his. That's how serious he was about Harry Potter! He had been angry with me in the past but nothing came close to this one. I immediately went to his place, with chocolates and I don't know what else; just so that he calms down and his anger subsides. I couldn't stand the thought of him being angry with me for even one day!

Cut to - Sometime last year, it had been aages since we had spoken to each other, and when I did, it was messed up. The tone wasn't right, the feeling wasn't right. I asked what was wrong, and he didn't tell me. I asked a couple more times, and after insisting a little more, he actually said, if I have to spell out what is wrong, I have nothing to say to you. It shattered me in a very different unexpected way. I really didn't know what was wrong. And what was even worse (according to me,) was I didn't do anything Immediately to rectify whatever it was that had gone wrong. I took help from time! Why I reacted the way I did, I'll never know. I think its the person I have become. Or. Maybe I didn't have the strength in me to fix it immediately with multiple things going on in life. 

Forever and Always!

All is well now! and I hope it remains this way forever and always coz' there's noone like him in my life. Weird and strange as it is, I love what we share and I wanted to share this here. It'll never be the same again, and it won't be much different in the future. What I love the most, is I can always pick it up from exactly where I left it. And its mutual. [I hope]. He is a major factor in who I AM today. Also, a major factor in who I AM with today [ coz I stuck to advice given by him aages ago, and am not moving on to listening to the new advice - which he'll give me(as promised) even if I don't comply - (I do listen and consider, promise.) to them ] 
Thank You, for being there! For being who you are! 

p.s: I could have spoken about thousand other things about us, have no clue why I chose to talk about this! Its just something about this blog, makes me keep typing things I hadn't thought of in the longest time!