Monday, February 28, 2011

Delhi Diaries Part V - Turning 30!

This is a Incomplete post. I started Writing this just after I saw the movie, Turning 30! and at that time, there were a million things running in my head. So much has happened since. I have tried re-writing this post several times,  but haven't been able to do any justice at all! So, I decided to leave it incomplete.

NO! I ain't turning 30! As a matter of fact I will turn 24 next week!! And, it is scary! I still feel 21! 24 seems like such a big number for it to be associated with Age!

First things First, I saw this movie - Turning 30! Its a story about a Girl turning 30[duhhh] and the crisis she faces in her life; when her boyfriend of 2 years breaks up with her to get married to a younger girl, and the people at her work place are giving her a hard time. But other than these two things, she seems to have a wonderful life. Amazing friends, an old flame who is still deeply in love with her.

The movie had loads of swearing, and crying and more of crying, but I kind of liked the movie, most importantly because, it was shot in Mumbai! In the movie, she keeps writing about her different stations in life, and that she later re-writes as her book. Thats when she realizes her true calling in Life and Love!