Monday, November 14, 2011


I started writing to express myself when I first moved out of Bangalore. Writing gave me a high that no amount of mood enhancers could induce.

I took up a project, and, did NOT do it completely. I was at crossroads, which didn’t allow me to express myself to even myself. Now that I am back in Bangalore, I decided to take this up, yet again.

And as Sundays usually are at the Mallar household, we all sat to watch –We the People on NDTV 24x7. The discussion was around Love and Sex and how it is portrayed in Hindi Cinema these days. The discussion from the TV set entered our living room, and took another form. We didn’t discuss love and etc. in Bollywood, but we did discuss how children should vs. could be raised.

I told dad that I was scared of the possibility, as kids today are at such an advanced state in every aspect. The good are getting better and the bad are getting worse.

Now, I tell my parents ALMOST everything. So, they usually know who I am out with, where I’m going and what I’d be doing. But that is not the scenario with kids these days. There is a mountain of lies that children tell their parents, and somewhere down the line the parent don’t even know their own children. Who they are, what they think, what they want etc… So, the children continue obliging their parents’ wishes and not voicing their own creating a wide gap.

I had been urging my dad to write and voice his thoughts and this is what he said:

" Communication between generations is very much needed which is not there in families these days. And that is the reason for a lot of discorded relations in families these days.  
People (kids, mainly) have developed a split personality within themselves.  Split personality in such a way that the line between the true self and the fake persona becomes a blur; because when the brain is told things repeatedly, it doesn't know which to believe as true or untrue. And that simply will pass on generation to generation. 
When there is true communication, both the parties (Parents & Children) will be aware of the whereabouts and happenings, and not much of guilt is involved. The younger generation will at least be liberated from the guilt of having to lie about who they are and moreover they will not succumb to worse measures in the hour of need.

Open communication between generations; for the older generation to guide, to show the pitfalls, so that the younger generation will always have a second opinion and a support system to live life the best way possible. 

Each person when expresses their true feelings will better the bonding and understanding between them. "
This last statement is true for any relationship to stand the test of time. Respect and love are shared and continuity is maintained. They say change is the only constant; and in this world where the changes are exponential; very few human relationships will stand the test of time.

So why not make these few relationships true and fun-filled? 

So, on this happier note, I just want to announce – I am BACK! Again! ;)

And this time, I won’t be just talking about things around me; I’ll be going a little deeper. Coz, I have dad by my side! J J

Write again soon!