Monday, August 8, 2011

I'm Baaaaack!

I ca't believe it has been 50 days since I have posted in either blog spaces! The last post was on 18th June 2011! That does not mean 50 days of my 250 days have gone un-documented. Its just that, I did't want to write anything bad/sad on the blog. So, I chose not to publish posts. And then, I had lost continuity and didn't know what to do? How to go ahead with the challenge/ project of 250 to 25! I feel terrible, but the fact that, I'll be taking it up again should be penance enough. :) [My blog right? So, I decide the punishment! :P]

As I ctrl entered blogger today, I see it has changed almost completely. My first reaction to it? WHY?? Wasn't it good before? Now, the well defined line between wordpress and blogger seems to be minimizing. Ad I'm not liking it! :( 

I am having to redefine most of the concepts in my life. What I used to believe in seems wrong. So, the two places where words are a form of my life will get to see more and more of this evolution. And I'm hopeful that the outcome is favorable to me. Also, I have decided, that there's nothing wrong in writing about the things I think are wrong or things that make me sad. End of the day, it is a learning in itself right? 

V said, writing seems to be the only way you express your feelings Deeps! I agree. I have misplaced the capability of expressing myself to people. So, these days, I wasn't not writing. I was. I liked the part that noone was reading them. Its nice to write for yourself. I sat and saw Season 4,5 and 6 of Dawson's Creek all over again.I saw a lot of other movies. I went home. I met my little cousin who I share my birthday with. I saw a dear friend pass away. I went through a roller coaster of emotions in that week. 

The 50 Missing Days will be covered in this domain; and the day to day activities will be documented on wordpress, as before. I love writing and nothing in this world is capable of keeping me away from it for too long. 

Loads of love to you dear blog! You keep me alive in the best way possible! *hugs*