Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A "3" tag and An Award!!

I have been Tagged!!! By Vibhuti... A wonderful Blogger! Find the links to her Blog.. at the end of this Post!

Here's to all of you knowing me, a little better! ;-)

3 Famous Names of Mine

- Deeps

- Deepu

- Dippy Sauce! 

3 Things that Scare Me

* Me

* My Thoughts

* Losing Everyone Around Me

3 Things which make me Smile

^ My Dad when he says "Have a Wonderful Day"

^ When we have long conversations without saying anything!

^ Comments On my Blog! [ stole this from u Vibhuti! ]

3 Things that I Love

# Dancing

# Freedom

# Being Able to Love

3 Things that I Hate

- Being Lied to by Important People

- Trust Being broken

- Office Politics

3 Things I don’t understand

# Sports - Rather why people have to obsessed with it!

# How someone can give up Chocolates?

# Why our Politician don't work on Actual progress of our country

3 Things I’m doing right now

* Waiting for the Weekend [ :P its monday today.. ;-) ]

* Writing this Post

* Working on a Cost case for work!

3 Things I can’t do

^ Drive - I know how, i seem to have forgotten

^ Cook vegetarian food

^ Stop Hoping That I'd become thin one day!!

3 Things I think you should listen to

- Your Dad

- What your heart says

- Nothing's Gonna Change my Love for you!!

3 Shows I watched as a Kid

@ Different Strokes

@ Hip Hip Hurray

@ Mahabharat

3 Things I want in a Relationship

^^ Love

^^ Trust 

^^ Security 

[Again, I'm stealing what Vibhuti's written because this is what i would have typed even if this place was blank!! ]

3 Things of the Opposite Sex that appeal to me

- Respect for Elders and Women

- The way they treat people

- The Hands ;-)

3 Favorite Fictitious Characters

* William Darcy [ Pride &; Prejudice ]

* Edward Cullen [ Yes, I am a Twilight Freak ]

* Gerry Kennedy [ P. S I Love You ]

3 of my Favorite Hobbies

-- Dancing

-- Watching Movies n Random Tv Shows on my Laptop!

-- Blogging [ Reading and Writing ]

3 Beverages I drink regularly



More Water!! 

3 Things I like about myself

My Eyes

My Smile

The fact that I cannot hate somone, no matter what they've done to me! [ my friends and dear ones don't like this in me... but I sorta do! ]

3 Things I hate about myself

I cry when I'm angry and hence cannot do anything about the anger!

Me Being Overweight

The fact that I am unable to focus on the more important things in Life, at this moment in time.

3 Things I’m wearing right now

My butterfly earrings!!

My Ring ( mom dad's gift to meon my 21st Birthday! )

A Smile!! :D

2 Truths and a Lie:

I lie a Lot! 

I don't miss Bangalore!

I am in love!

[Guess which one's which]

3 People I pass this TAG to

Divaa Divine - Americanising Desi 

Nethra Anjanappa - Otoise Opinions

JanJan - Between Me & My Thoughts

And Now the AWARD!!!!

This Awesome Award was given to me.. by my Wonderful Blogger Friend - Janjan! Firstly I'd like to apologize for the delay in putting this up!! But It means soo much to me!! Thank You So much Dear Girl!

It is None other Than --- *drumroll* The Master of Karate & Friendship Award!!! :D :D

Now I'd really like to spread the love, and give this award to....:

Vibhuti from here and here [ For tagging me in this post and as a new dost - that actually rhymed.. ;-) ]

Smriti from here [ who doesn't know her?? She's one of the very few Bloggers I have known from before the blog world n Love her loads!! *hugs*]

Esther From here [ My friend from 20sb! Girl u rock! ]

Sara from here [ *hugs girl* ]

Ratz from here [ My FYBF Friend ]

& Sourav from Here!![ I think I had to give to him, for being a sooper friend ]