Sunday, June 10, 2012

Virtual Life!

Living at home has its pros and cons. I love my pros, and have been missing everything on the cons list.

In my last post, I had mentioned how I was on "pause." Meanwhile, an enlightenment took place. I began working with Bodhi . I began as a marketing manager, but also dabbled in HR, Admin, Training, Sales, CRM and Website changes. It felt like home, with a work force of around 20 people. It was like working in your own place, for your own people. Well, it was!

Then, VMware happened! The day of my interview was pretty interesting. I was at Bodhi, and had the interview scheduled for 3 p.m. which meant I had to leave office by 1:30. And the same day I was scheduled to take an interview at Bodhi, for a Business Development Executive. So, I sit with my darling Veena Pacchi for the interview, and together we take a very grueling interview for the Print Engineer who had about 5 years of work experience.

Half way through the interview, I had to leave, to be able to reach vmware on time. And all the way, the only thought on my mind was, wish I was easier on the person I just interviewed, because I didn't want Karma to play a spoilt-sport on my interview. And the Gods were listening. [Thank them for that!]

The interview went well, and after further rounds, I got the offer letter, a couple of weeks later.

Today I'm part of the vmware family, living the virtual life! 

When I was at crossroads in life, I saw this ad, and it was somewhat of an inspiration! The wordings more than the ad!

"I don't know where I'm going, but I like the direction!"

So, I'm still loving the direction. And am enjoying the beginning of my Virtual Life! Lets see where life takes me! My shoes are on, and I'm all set! Bring it on! :D :D

Mom n Me! My strength, my inspiration, my love n my life!