Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Sangeet!! The theory behind the madness!!

Pictures at End Of the Post! Stories series #1

I remember being about 18, attending my first Sangeet function of a relatives' wedding festivities. Now, it was the first time that I felt that Marriage is totally worth it. For that one event. Maybe it was shallow or flaky or plain stupid for me to think that, but at that time, I certainly thought so. 

That marriage however, didn't work out, but people around me still spoke of the Sangeet, or their experience of that event. 

Then, my first sangeet happened where I was asked to be a part of. A major part. It was of a very dear friend, someone I grew up with. So, together with all other close friends, we came up with a story line, list of songs and then practiced the dances and then - it happened. Oh! What fun! 

It was then that I felt like it was something I loved to do; A passion for something. I have always felt that I'm not passionate about anything in life; but suddenly - lo and behold! there it was. Now, how many sangeets can I imagine being a part of? It was not some event that everyone necessarily had as a part of their wedding festivities, Also, since this event is mainly meant for close family and friends only, how many can I possibly be a part of? Now this logical thinking enforced in me by daddy dearest, made me refuse to consider this as my sole profession. [How I wish I could be Deepika Mallar, Sangeet Specialist

Then came the few I was actually majorly involved in - cousins and close friends, and every single time I loved it. So much so that, I had decided, if ever, I decide to get married, I'll have a Sangeet ceremony and then get married in court :) Well, I realised since prepping for my actual marriage, that, there are less than 4% chances of you able to do the things YOU want to do to actually happen at your wedding. And with that 4% you need to be very happy! :) :)


21 April 2015

It had to be special and spectacular, right? For me, it was. I wanted everyone present to feel the way I felt when I attended my first Sangeet. The same magic. I wanted people to be involved, I wanted people to express themselves and I wanted there to be lots and lots of dance. [I LOVE DANCE]
The prep had started in my head since the 18 year old me had seen the first sangeet; more concrete preparations began with venue and decor. Now, in my workplace, I had been a part of the Events team for over two years and I knew what is necessary raw material for a good event. Now the difference between a corporate event and your wedding is, that the funding doesn't come from a Parent company sitting in Palo Alto in dollars, but from a loving dad, who seldom charges not more than Rs. 80 per patient [perks, or not, of being a doctor's kid]; The decor was however, beautifully done in a nice Rajasthani theme by my event vendor.

First: The Entertainment!

The songs, the story line. I wanted to involve everyone in the party into the sangeet. Being a bollywood junkie that I am, I felt that most people, would be interested in how our love story began, and how through its ups and downs did we manage to end a 10 year long association to culminate in marriage. So, that's what I did. Funnily and fortunately for me, our love story of sorts had a lot of drama. The highs, the lows, the beginnings, the interim ends, the travels and the joys. So, I picked my songs for every milestone and discussed and deliberated till we came to a common consensus. 

Now, since the husband and his family lived in Delhi, and me and my folks lived in Bangalore, we knew that we cannot have all our close people dance together. So, we had to assign songs to him and me. The other thing was, not everyone dancing had a clue about the story line. So, it was difficult explaining to a relative or friend about why, if it is for a Sangeet, did he or she still have to dance for a sad song. Details of the story in the next post!!

Second: The Game

Another major chunk, that was a part of my Sangeet was the game. Not everyone is interested in gossip and there were also some people who were a major part of our lives that they knew too many details to be interested in a song and dance description of our love life, right? So, I thought, to involve people further lets play Tambola [or Housie]. OK, tambola at a sangeet? what is wrong with you? :P. The speciality of this Tambola was, that, the tickets on which we cross off a number actually contained random bollywood songs. And the songs were to be crossed off when that aspect of the storyline hit the stage. Awesome, no??? :D

The issue with this was, in making the tickets. Which was a time consuming process. To my dismay, there were lot of song changes till the last day! Now, to be able to get the tickets printed and delivered has been a huge another issue. I literally sat all through the night before, to prepare the tickets and email them to the vendor.

Now since, the same songs were going to be used for two specific purposes, I had two of the world's  best MCs!! I couldn't have asked the universe for anything else, because they were the best! MC#1 a dear dear friend, who would go in before the song and explain the situation or give hints of what the next performance was going to be and MC#2 my loving mamaji, who was the Musical Tambola expert and came in after the song to talk about it, involve people in similar songs and make sure people have crossed the said song on the ticket if they had it in theirs. 

I think, one of the best parts of that night had to be, the delay in the tickets arriving at the venue. I was obviously and furiously running helter skelter from pillar to post in tension. I had sooooooooooooooo many people requesting me to calm down; half of them reminding me, that this is not a office event and I need to chill, and the remaining half reminding me, that this is in fact MY wedding function, and I need to at least pretend to behave like a bride, even if I didn't want to. 

So, since I was restless and crazy, and was worried that crowd might get restless too, my Mama, genius that he is, started the program with a small and effective interactive song singing session that everyone loved. Lots of people came up to me, after the event, or even many days later saying, it was a brilliant way to start the program. I can't thank him enough for the brilliant work he did then.

The details of the song and the dances and the rest of the evening, will be my next post. I don't want the magic and happiness of the dance and story to be lost in this long theory post. SO, the next one will have practicals. :P

Big shout outs to everyone involved. Specifics will be mentioned next post. 

Below are some photos of the fun n frolic at the photo booth and of Vishnu Mam's spontaneous start of the show! Enjoy!!

Navs, Ramdas, Pru, Pooj and Suhas

on the rickshaw!

Sudhiranna, Ranjitakka and Suraj babu

Isha, Shilpa and Yashita 

Kunal Khyati & Bua

Sai, Purnima pacchi & Mohan Bappa
The great Vishnu Mam and Rekh Mai
Shantakka & Satish Mam

Vishnu Mam entertaining the crowd

my favourite couple! (also who had a kickass Sangeet)

Brilliant Vishnu Mam :)

The Ticket!
Sukshma, Suri bappa n Neeta pacchi! missing my love Suraksha so much!!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

When Life is Just another Round of Musical Chairs!!

** Note: Below is one of the posts which I had typed around 6/7 months ago but hadn't posted. So here goes! Start Music!! **

When you contemplate writing for a little less than two years, but you don't; and then you start typing, it feels really weird. Now that we have that out, maybe I can begin. :)

Hello hello hello! Welcome back [to me]! :)

What goes around, does come around. I think I wrote about it three posts ago, but since its been years since then - its still so true right? I came  back to the same topic now didn't I?

I've been thinking about this since Mr. Abdul Kalam Sirs death. How fortunate are those, they said, who die when they are doing something they love. How many of us get to die when we are dancing., singing, reading, watching movies, sleeping or doing what we love doing?  Not many, right? And those who do, we consider them lucky / blessed? I believed so too... But then, that's because how many of us actually do a lot of things that we love to do? We have modelled our life to be monotonous doing things we are supposed to be doing instead of doing things we love!

So the trick really is to keep on doing what you love, as much and as often as you can. This works out great because, as we know practice makes one better and we all know about the 10,000 hour rule don't we? (Refer Outliers the book). We humans are so strange; when life is haphazard we need a routine and when there is a routine, we crave for variety; we need drama. 

When we were kids, and were asked over and over about what do we want to do when we grow up, why weren't we asked who we wanted to be? How many of us have figured out what we want to do, for the rest of our lives? And have we figured out who we want to be? chances of us knowing who we don't want to be are higher than us actually figuring out who we DO want to be! I apologise for generalising; maybe people have that figured and I haven't yet! 

I've discussed in some old blogpost ( I'm typing on my phone and hence unable to link said post now)  about how I set goals and don't really complete them. It has lead me to confer that maybe I'm not in control of my life, my feelings etc. Is it really just laziness or is there something bigger in picture? I don't think I'm that lazy or that big a procrastinator that I cant complete personal projects. Because when I was at work or doing things for others I tend to complete everything required on time or before time and I work bloody hard at it. So if I can do it at work why can't I do the same for myself? 

Don't I love what I'm doing? Do I know what I love? What is scaring me the most is that I'm losing my creativity. The one thing that I could pride myself of, and if I don't have that anymore then what am I? Who am I? I hope it is just like the writers block I've had, and overcome it over a period of time. But that hasn't stopped it from making me crazy. 

That's why I think life is like playing musical chairs; we never know when the music will stop and what seat we'll get to sit on; is it the right seat? Is it the seat we wanted or the seat we needed? And who is in charge of music?? 😍☺️😍☺️

Thursday, March 31, 2016


You know its a blessing that you cannot see my blogger dashboard. The number of half written posts that are lying there waiting to be completed; I always feel sorry for them, but I, like them, am surviving on hope. Hope that a day will come when they can be seen by the world and accepted for who they are. 

I'm here today to publish this post and publish this I will; there is a determination today and I hope it doesn't fizz out by the end of this post. *fingers crossed*

[If you could only see how fast I'm typing this post :P ]

So, stories. 

Over the past one year or so, I sat and collated all the movies I have in my various hard disks to one particular device so that (a) I know what movies I have and (b) there are no duplicates and I'm not wasting any precious byte space.

Now that I am done with movies, the next object that is crowded in my memory [ of physical hard disks, of course ] are the pictures. Anyone and everyone who knows me probably also knows that I have liked to click and collect memories from a long long time. So much so that I have back ups of most of my pictures in almost all my hard disks. Which has now cumulatively added up to be more than 1 TB of data!! I think [or rather assume] that once the duplicates are eliminated the total size should reduce by at-least 500 - 600 GB. 

I have no idea if any of you will be able to relate to me doing this mundane yet extremely necessary activity. But I do recon that it will be time consuming and exhausting. So, to make my job a little interesting I cleverly decided to give me more work. But this work I think I'm going to love.

I'm going to post stories along with  pictures to try and relive the good, the bad or whatever I've captured or whatever I've stored with me. The plan is to store the pictures chronologically, but the posts might not be chronological in nature. I want to relive some moments, or put my memories out there to share with this huge void of the internet and maybe feel joy n loved. 

I'm rather excited about this [for now] and I'm praying I stay this way for a loooong time. [And hence the necessity of publishing this post - some sort of a written contractual agreement]

Thats it! Now that this is getting published I have no choice but to go ahead and do it!
Wish me luck, and if you don't see progress - prod and torture me till they are out! :) :P

Loads of love,

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Write & Wrong!

One day, in a very serious, brain-nerving conversation, which I was having with an uncle of mine, out of the blue, he asked, what if I were to die - at that very instant.

I was taken aback, looked at him and asked, why such a question was even asked. He said, he'd explain once I answer. [me, being me, was just buying time thinking of an answer] I said, I don't know how it would be if I died at this very instant, because once I'm dead, I'd cease to exist - nevertheless, I wish I had done x, y and z before I died.

He went on to say - (this is important-its stuck by me till now ( this conversation happened around 4/5 yrs ago)) - " If you're ready to end life at this instant, the next instant you have in your life, is a Bonus - it could have ended, but it didn't - and its all yours to make the best of it."

I try to stay that way, with every moment is a bonus - what I didn't realize will happen, was, that I'll be always ready to die. And that is not a good thought to constantly have.

Similarly, the song - Saibo from Shor in the city - I loved it so much, it felt so peaceful every time I heard it, that, in a conversation with some friend, I happened to mention - " I'd happily die listening to this song "

And weirdly enough, since then, every time the song plays on the phone when I'm riding - I feel like death is just around the corner.

Suddenly, I feel like Meredith Grey from Greys anatomy with a death wish - and all I really wanted to do was enjoy life, every moment of it, enjoy music, dance like noone's watching.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What goes around...

Comes around! :)

Its said, life travels in Circles, just like our beloved earth.

So, what goes around, comes around. Is that why Karma is said to be such a bitch?

How many people, intentionally want to hurt another? and How many people end up hurting another? This can be credited to the fragility of human emotions. Since it isn't tangible or measurable, and it won't provide the same results every time, how can you assure someone, or yourself for that matter that there won't be hurt involved.

And somewhere in between all this, hurt and love, is the biggest culprit of all. Expectation! It single handedly can ruin a perfectly mediocre moment. So imagine what it can do a potential good one?

Its happiness in a form of pain, its kindness in the form of hurt. What is it, and why does it feel that way? There is a far away emotion, which I have forgotten to feel. I don't know if it will ever exist or if I am the only one who can fix it. Usually, that is what I tell myself before I go ahead bettering myself, that is what I tell myself when I want the pain to go away. Maybe because that's the truth. Like, who is responsible for a person to feel anything? Joy, Sorrow, love, hatred, hurt or expectation even? That person himself right? That is what I tell myself. Because that IS the truth.

I had started writing this post close to around three months ago, and have continued it in random intervals. Usually, i lose the continuity and delete such posts, but this one is different. The emotions are real, the feelings are real.

You tend to make decisions in life, all for the better; Only difference is, you never really get to know when the better part sets in. The unpredictability of life is one of the best experiences to be experienced.

My little brother[who's not that little any longer] reminded me about my blog. In his own small sweet way, he wanted to remind me, that, even though we don't talk to each other as often as want to, he knows how brutally honest I become when I'm writing and I think he wanted me to set me straight. I didn't think I'd hit the publish button on this erratic thinking post of mine, but for him, here goes! Love you PRM! Always and forever. You always make me want to be a better person.

goofy us!